1 thought on “The ring is wearing the left hand or right hand”

  1. The ring is recommended to wear the left hand. The use of the left hand is low. Wearing the ring on the left hand can better protect it, and it is more conducive to the right -hand movement, which is convenient for work, life and learning.
    If the frequency of the right hand is low, it is also appropriate to wear the ring on the right hand. Avoid significant movements when wearing and stay away from chemicals and oil.
    News wearing ring
    The ring is a daily wear jewelry. It is inevitable that it is more or less bacterial because of daily contact. If you touch your hands with your hands, you will cause pollution to things, which is very unhygienic.
    The large part of the crowd will wear a ring to sleep. This is also a bad habit that affects health. Generally speaking, breakfast fingers will have slight puffiness. If you wear a ring to sleep, it will cause poor blood circulation and unfavorable finger health. Therefore, the ring should be removed before going to bed.

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