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Progressive Personnel is the leading travel recruitment agency worldwide. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly and accurately match people with jobs. Because everyone at Progressive Personnel has worked in the travel and hospitality industries, we know the requirements and challenges of these sectors and our clients trust us to get it right first time. Our broad international experience allows us to fine-tune appointments at all levels from entry to managerial, all over the world, ensuring happy outcomes for both clients and candidates.

Latest blogs

  • Make them an offer they can’t refuse

    Lengthy recruitment processes and procedures can sometimes rob you of the ideal candidate for your travel role. The wheels start to fall off when the candidate has to jump through what becomes seemingly irrelevant hoops and they lose interest as a result.

  • How to on-board your new member of staff

    Employers need to engage with their new staff member from the time they’re selected. This ensures their employment gets the best possible start and minimises the risk of losing them at an early stage.

  • Do you want your team to be the best?

    We find that many staff don’t leave their travel roles because they want to be remunerated better, although of course there are those that do. They leave because of certain circumstances within the business – whether it’s their manager or in fact the company’s lack of development planning.

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