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Progressive Personnel is the leading travel recruitment agency worldwide. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly and accurately match people with jobs. Because everyone at Progressive Personnel has worked in the travel and hospitality industries, we know the requirements and challenges of these sectors and our clients trust us to get it right first time. Our broad international experience allows us to fine-tune appointments at all levels from entry to managerial, all over the world, ensuring happy outcomes for both clients and candidates.

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  • How many chances do you give somebody to do a good job?

    It is said that 59% of customers won’t return after a bad customer service experience which means that 41% of people will. Do you think that those in the 41% category will give the product/service another chance because they have used it or them before and they are normally very good?

  • Business travel to increase in 2016

    The Frequent Business Traveler magazine has published its latest report following a survey conducted where 1900 business travellers were polled. Business travel is set to increase in 2016.

  • Living and working in Dubai

    Dubai is a vibrant, international city determined to retain its heritage while racing at top speed to embrace the 21st century. Like any large city it encompasses both good and bad aspects. The experience of living and working in Dubai can be a positive one and a fantastic adventure if expats have an open mind to the experience and abide by a few simple rules. Here are some of the positives to living & working in Dubai.

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