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  1. First, grab the benefits.
    In the end of the year is the time when the customer replies, at this time everyone must save money. At the end of this year, you need to do more activities to create a state of hot banks every day. The outlets can perform different intensity activities within different time and dates to let customers grab the benefits as soon as possible. Take a wealth management product as an example. The exchange rate in the first 5 days assumes 5%, the exchange rate of 5-10 days is assumed to be 4%, and then a decrease of 1%every 5-7 days.
    . Marketing of precious metal products.
    Su precious metal sales are also part of the banking sales link. Like Golden Store, you can use the golden blessing pearls that everyone loves as gimmicks, and limited sales in different time periods and limited quantities of products, but this gimmick product must be sure When it is worthy to attract customers to buy, other products are promoted.
    grasping this psychology to buy representatives that have demand and need to sell other precious metal products to create a concept of giving gifts.
    three, cabinet marketing.
    The customers who come to apply for any financial business are guided to the corresponding area for fission marketing. For example, during the event, all customers who come to the bank to apply for any financial business can be reposted to the WeChat circle of friends or WeChat groups to participate in the award and lottery after handling the designated publicity copy and poster. The size of the prize can be set according to the actual situation. The lottery setting can set the highest award and minimum award for red envelopes with the corresponding amount, so that customers feel like they want to plant lottery tickets.
    It's fission through the circle of friends can realize a virus transmission. It has a wide range, many people, and the effect of publicity is much better and faster than manual publicity.
    4. Online marketing method one.
    I online marketing is also a very common method. In fact, it is very different from other companies and company marketing methods. In recent years, the keywords of koi are more popular, and the major companies of this kind of pumping koi have been tried and tested. Banks can also use this pumping koi to market.
    . For example, how many more than 10,000 or more to come to our bank can participate in pumping koi, and a koi will be selected every 5-7 days to send a big prize (such as a thousand yuan mobile phone, electric vehicle, etc. ), Make customers feel that the prizes are true and seductive. And will also extract an additional koi from the users who forward WeChat articles and have a likes to reach the standard.
    The purpose of doing this is fission drainage, which makes the activity big and hot, which expands the number and area of ​​the participating activities to several times. The more people with a wide coverage, the more people with a wide deposit.
    Online marketing method 2: The second marketing method is an additional reference. It also plays a role of event promotion. Setting a comments to give prizes in the WeChat article. The size of the prize can be low. To tens of yuan, for example, the article commented that the first 10 users can get the prizes. The premise of doing this is that the content of the article in the article needs to be very clear and perfect to express a series of grabbing activities that express the bank.
    . Five, third -party agencies help open the door.
    It now there are many third -party institutions with professional qualifications of bank consultation. They can develop a systematic opening scheme for commercial banks. Essence

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. Banks that attract customers to attract customers are: 1. Red envelope wall raffle: Every 1 chapter enjoy a lottery 2, big turntable lottery: enjoy a lottery every 1 chapter 3. Thanksgiving to the big draw: The information lottery is one first prize, the prize is a bicycle, the second prize, the second prize, the prize is the lever box, the third prize is three, and the prize is four pieces. Each chapter enjoy a lottery, and customers choose themselves.n4. At the same time, add a chapter of mobile banking and online banking and activation; 1 chapter of WeChat and Alipay binding sets; one chapter of the SMS notification function adds a chapter; a new account setting one chapter (no amount); New account opening deposits include 1 chapter of more than 2,000 yuan; one chapter is added regularly per 10,000; one seal of simple insurance is set; 3 chapters per 10,000 episodes; 3 critical illness insurance sets 3 sets of 3 accounts set 3 chapter.nI hope my answer can help you and wish you a happy life!nIs there a new question?nAnswer Hello, you can also use small gifts to promote through the circle of friends. The promotion of a circle of friends is equivalent to seeing this advertisement.n3 morenBleak

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