How does powder coating prevent caking

Choose resin with high glass transition temperature and grinding powder plus silica. Or use the air conditioner to aim at the mill's air intake, so that cold air blows into the mill. There will be a big improvement. Generally, as long as the Powder coating powder can be controlled below 38 degrees, it is not easy to cluster.

1) In the production of polyester resin, select some alcohol or acid that can improve its glass transition temperature, or reduce the use of alcohol that can reduce the glass transition temperature of resin to improve the glass transition temperature of polyester resin.


2) Reduce the amount of polymer with low glass transition temperature, such as leveling agent and brightening agent, to ensure that the glass transition temperature of powder coating system will not decrease.

3) In the aspect of production, the broken sheet material off the steel belt should be fully cooled before entering the grinding process. During grinding, the feeding speed should be appropriately reduced, the air volume of the inlet air should be increased, and the air conditioning of the inlet air should be installed to control the grinding temperature.

However, if the pulverized sheet material can not be cooled down before grinding, the latter means will not play a very good role. The forced cooling method of the crushed sheet material can be considered for low temperature treatment, which is more effective than adding air conditioning.

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