1 thought on “How to monetize vanilla gift cards”

  1. The disposable gift card vanilla card Vanilla (VISA, Masterdona) issued by The Bancorp Bank, you only need to specify the ZIP zip code to activate it, and the postcode of the vanilla card can be modified multiple times. In fact, some AVS systems of some US websites only verify the postcode. As long as the postcode is correct, the name, address, telephone, etc. can be filled in and passed. There is a skill to choose zip code. The postcode is well selected and can help you save consumption tax. Some states are free to buy software, such as: CA, OR, NH, MT and other states. Vanilla card segment is 516488 (Masterda) 484718 (VISA).

    The benefits of registering the PayPal in the United States with vanilla cards. You can transfer the paypal of other domestic users. The same is not allowed to transfer the transfer between the two PayPal accounts that belong to the country. With the vanilla card in the United States, PayPal can be traded to the domestic PayPal account, including transfer, and less functional restrictions. It can be accepted by more overseas merchants. It can relieve the merchant's restrictions on the PayPal region, which is more convenient for Haitao.

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