Are hair extensions suitable for people with low hair volume

For those who have less hair, do you want to add extensions to make your hair look extra? In fact, less hair is not suitable for hair extensions, when the hair will look thick, but when the hair, hair will fall, long-term hair extensions themselves will be less and less hair.

Are hair extensions suitable for people with low hair volume?​
Not a perfect fit.

Hair volume less people after hair, easy to appear the phenomenon of hair loss, do not understand is the psychological effect or true, numerous girls are so reaction.

When the hair is removed after three months of hair extension, it will be found that there is considerably less hair (psychological effect), because the hair extension will not only make the hair longer, but also make the hair full and thick. After the removal, it will lack the thick sense of hair extension and not adapt to it.

Secondly, because of the interface, washing hair is not particularly convenient after hair extensions, therefore many girls who have hair extensions choose to go to the barber's to wash their hair. If you have short hair, you will find yourself with less and less hair after you put it in.

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Will be.

Hair extensions can affect your hair to a certain extent because they increase the endurance of the scalp. Some people with weak hair break part of their hair after getting extensions. Hair extensions that don't connect nicely with your hair can also lead to messy hair.

For hair extensions, you must go to a professional hair extension manufacturer and find a professional hair stylist. In this way, the effect of hair extensions will be better.

After removing hair, you must pay attention to maintenance, use some mild hair products, avoid the use of some acidic hair products. Certain RECEIVE HAIR CAN UNDERTAKE CARDING NORMALLY, BUT DO NOT USE COMB DIRECTLY TO RECEIVE HAIR POSITION CARDING, ALTHOUGH ALREADY CARDED, ALSO MUST BE SOME LIGHTER.

After putting your hair in, it is recommended not to expose it to the sun for lengthy periods of time. If the hair is exposed for a prolonged time, it can easily cause damage and hair loss.

How high does the hair become less after receiving hair restored?​
After picking up the hair, hair volume will be reduced. If you want to regain the hair before hair volume, recovery time has no fixed time, some people might take a month or two, some people may be half a year to a year, while others' recovery time may be longer, and restore hair depending on such as their age, health status, hair and other factors. Care and season.

Hair REDUCTION after hair extensions MAY BE due to the use of traditional hair extensions, the care of hair after hair extensions may be incorrect, or its own health may affect the absorption of nutrients in the hair, etc. These reasons not only cause hair volume reduction after hair extensions, but also affect the growth rate of hair, which slows down the recovery time of hair volume. Therefore, proper care of hair after hair extensions can help hair recover faster.

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