Which brand of engagement rings is good

I want to buy a engagement ring. I haven't understood the ring before. I do n’t know which brand is good. Can anyone help recommend a few models? Which brand of the engagement ring is good?

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  1. 首先不存在订婚戒指十大品牌的说法,因为没有专门的这样的排名,如果说有哪些订婚戒指品牌比较有名,那么I Do、周大福、蒂芙尼、周生生、老凤祥、周大生、谢瑞麟、金伯利、六福、金Supreme Jewelry, etc. are more well -known.
    The selection of the engagement ring is more secure. Under the premise of selecting a good brand, choose to choose according to your favorite style.
    Me your best to choose suitable styles, look at a few more stores, and ask more popular styles.
    Puke the diamond ring color, see the purity of the diamond ring, and observe whether there are impurities.
    S selection of appropriate claims and trials, and also consider economic strength.

  2. This depends on what material you choose. If it is a platinum diamond, then the diamond home is good. If it is gold, then the old names such as Zhou Dafu and Lao Fengxiang are also good. Many, because it may not be used for marriage, then the requirements are not so particular. Of course, if your economy is good, it is so particular. The engagement can also be replaced by other jewelry, such as necklaces
    S Zhou Dafu is a veteran jewelry supplier in Hong Kong. The product diversity and good reputation. Lao Fengxiang is an old brand in China. It will be slightly more expensive. The diamond home is a new brand, mainly diamond jewelry. You can browse it on the website or go to the physical store to experience the

  3. There are many engagement rings brands. There are relatively famous first -tier brands, and there are also less famous second- and third -tier brands. It is difficult to say all. So if you want to buy an engagement ring or go to the jewelry store you like your girlfriend according to your personal budget. In fact, the engagement ring is not the most important. The most important thing is that you want her to know that you will give her a lifelong commitment like the DR true love ring.

  4. When it comes to the engagement rings, which brand is good, this is actually depending on different people. After all, everyone’s preferences are different. Of course, the corresponding requirements will be different. So if you want to buy an engagement ring, go to your favorite jewelry store according to your personal budget. If you really don't know where you should buy it better, then you may go to the only DR True Ring of the DRRY RING. The reason why I think it is more especially because it is a ring that requires boys to customize purchases with ID cards, and I can only customize one in my life. The most important thing is that it is given to the favorite meaning of a lifetime of love. Of course, the above is purely my personal suggestion. In the end, what kind of engagement ring to choose should be determined by you.

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