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  1. All Treasures of the Three Kingdoms era:
    1 Sadetail clothes since the blue 2 Hanzhong front of the cave
    2 Night pearl wearing self -return red 2 Cangwu left maze
    3 Danxia deer mount speed 15 Exchange with Zuo Ci
    4 Lex Ax weapon blood -sucking 5 Tianshan Treasure chest
    5 Tower Shield Self -Better Copy 2 Huashan Treasure Box
    6 and Ceremony to Back Blue 1 Shangyong City Copy R r r
    7 Dragon -eye pearl wearing self -anger 3 Taishan house copy
    8 wearing red 500 Shuang Fang hut n9 Thunderbolt wearing blue 200 安
    11 Black Dragon Circle wearing power 10 Cangwu left
    12 Soul -wearing intelligence 10 South Vietnam left
    13 jade seal wearing charm 10 Yunnan city copies
    14 green bag wearing system 5 Hua Yan Exchange
    15 Spring and Autumn Performance Power 5 Yuxuelong Mountain
    16 Sun Tzu Bing Method Wear Intelligence 5 Luoyang City Copy
    17 Confucius Charm

  2. 1. Brahma: Brahma is in the cave below Hanzhong
    2, Night Pearl: Night Pearl is on the left maze on the left of Cangwu
    3, Danxia deer: Danxia deer will exchange with Zuo Ci to get
    4, Le Ax: Lighty Ax in Tianshan Treasure Box
    5, tower shield: Tower Shield in Huashan Treasure Box
    6, Heshi: Waka Hiroshi obtained
    7 through the copy of Shangyong City. Eye Dazi obtained
    8, Qiankun Circle: Qiankun Circle in Shuofang House

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