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  1. If you want to hold back the habit of not buying gold jewelry, you have to do not wear gold jewelry. Over time, you have no desire to buy gold jewelry.
    The purchase of gold jewelry is not the same as investing in gold. This is different. Although gold jewelry is made of gold, it has a certain collection and value preservation value.
    but it is more precisely a crafts, the price of gold jewelry is different from the value of the gold itself. When buying gold jewelry, pay attention to your purpose. If it is for investment, the realization of gold jewelry is far lower than the gold of standardized investment.
    m friends must consider their own economic strength when buying gold jewelry. Do not buy gold jewelry with the big stream. Do not buy it. When buying gold jewelry, you must choose durable, regular cleaning, care and maintenance.
    The maintenance of gold jewelry
    The gold jewelry is not very delicate, but if you do not care carefully, it will also lose its initial gloss and charm. Generally speaking, the following points are to be careful:
    1, the chemicals of cleaning essence will change the color of the gold, so you should take off the gold jewelry before doing cleaning.
    2. Avoid contact with high volatile substances such as perfume and glue directly, otherwise it will easily cause gold decoration to fade.
    3. When swimming, remove the gold ornaments to avoid chemical changes in the surface layer after encountering seawater or pool water.
    4, use a velvet cloth to wrap it in the jewelry box during storage to avoid rubbing and damage to each other.
    5, gold is soft and easy to deform, so do not pull the necklace and other accessories to avoid deformation.
    6. Pure gold jewelry will have a chemical reaction when it encounters water and silver, and white spots appear. When cleaning, you can restore the original color as long as you grill under the alcohol lamp for a while.
    7. The gold jewelry after wearing is often lost due to the stains and dust stains. At this time, as long as the gold decoration is placed in the neutral detergent soaked and washed with warm water, and then removed and wiped.
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