5 thoughts on “What gifts are there in Guilin worth taking back to your family as souvenirs?”

  1. If you want to give a gift with Guilin characteristics to your friends, you can buy Guilin landscape paintings and Yangshuo paper umbrellas, large and small. Zhuang Mian, Hydrangea (token of love), small handicrafts, etc You can also buy Guilin Sanbao to send people back, which has the characteristics of Guilin (Guilin chili sauce, Guilin Sanhua wine, Guilin fermented bean curd). Guilin Sanbao has many specifications and prices are different.

  2. If you eat it, it's Guilin rice noodles. If you want to play, you are happy. As for the scenery, it is the two rivers and four lakes. I personally think that the Ronghu lake and the Mulong lake are particularly important. For souvenirs, you can go to the south of cross street in the evening. There are many stalls in the evening. You can go and have a look. Another place is the pedestrian street. What you like is the best memorial.

  3. Guilin is a world-famous scenic city and one of the first batch of historical and cultural cities in China, enjoying the reputation of "Guilin's landscape is the best in the world". The characteristics that Guilin can give to friends are: Guilin rice noodles, Lingchuan dog meat, Yangshuo beer fish, Guilin snail, stewed duck with ginkgo, nun plain noodles, Guilin water glutinous rice cake.

  4. Guilin's famous specialties include Guilin chili sauce, Guilin Sanhua wine and Guilin tofu milk, which are collectively called Guilin Sanbao. Other famous products include Shatian pomelo and porcelain carvings. If you bring them to your colleagues, you can bring some Shatian pomelo and male colleagues some Sanhua wine. No matter what you bring, your heart is the most important. Recommended places: Guilin central square, international tourism commodity wholesale city, Zhengyang pedestrian street, Yangshuo West Street.

  5. Of course, the first choice is Guilin's three treasures, namely, chili sauce, tofu milk and Sanhua wine. Secondly, Guilin's specialties include osmanthus cake, horseshoe cake and Luohanguo. You can also buy some handicrafts or Guilin calligraphy and painting. Guilin's special snacks include: Guilin rice noodles, Guilin Muffin Cake, Guilin Maojian tea, Guilin Gongcheng oil tea, Guilin Lingchuan dog meat, ten mile fragrance - Yangshuo beer fish, Dourong glutinous rice, etc.

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