5 thoughts on “What are the small gifts suitable for activities”

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    1. Detergent or detergent. These two kinds of things can be used by every family, and they are basically used every day. They are in great demand and attractive to housewives. When you buy these things, you'd better buy some brand products, which appear to be of high quality. The gifts are sincere, so as not to make people feel unworthy of staying

    2. Soap. Soap is also a very common daily product. Because soap is smaller than washing liquid, more than two pieces of soap can be tied up as gifts, but not more than five pieces. Gifts less than 2 yuan are too small, and the cost of more than 5 yuan is too high

    3. Fluorescent rod. For activities held at night, the attraction of fluorescent rods is far ahead of both. It's better to choose a variety of colors, not too single, and it's better to buy a little thicker

    4. Paper extraction. On the paper, you can paste some information about the company holding the event, such as company name, company address and company contact information. Don't just give a box of paper. In addition, if the paper is small, it is better to bundle several with tape

    5. Small night light. Today's small night lights are cute in style and small in size. They are also very suitable for small gifts. The wattage of small night light should not be too bright. It can play the role of night lighting.

  2. Small gifts suitable for activities include candy gift boxes, chocolates, cakes, promotional notebooks, posters, stationery gift boxes, copy planning calendars, company mascot fur dolls, game limited skin, rice oil, biscuits, beauty trial clothes, etc.

  3. It's better to determine the price first. There are a wide range of small gifts, such as thermos cups, USB flash drives, plush toys, key bags, some decorations, or candy.

  4. The size of the show depends on the gift budget. It is recommended to choose gifts with low cost and good publicity effect if there is a large flow of people. For business activities, small gifts that can represent the corporate image are required. If you want to achieve the publicity effect, it is recommended to find a professional gift customization company for advice and choose customized gifts that can customize the logo and promotional content. What I know here is the yuexinhui gift platform.

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