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  1. Headgear, refers to the accessories worn on the head. Compared with other parts of jewelry, it is the strongest decorative, so it is mainly female jewelry, including hair accessories and earrings, hats. Most of the ancient women’s headdress is gorgeous and exquisite, and it is an important part of hairdressing. The combed buns should be decorated with flowers and treasures. Baoyu’s flowers include buns, Huasheng, Bo Shao, Bad and Favorite.
    Chinese name
    Foreign name
    Ancient headdress
    笄 笄 钗 n matching

  2. Ancient women’s headdress, to wear different headdress at the occasion of attending, can be classified as: 笄, 簪, 钗, Huasheng, Hua Ji, step shaking, combing.

  3. Since the end of human beings ending the unkempt, after starting to pay attention to their faces and trimming hair, there have been comb. The cricket is a long needle used to insert buns or championship. Later, it refers to the jewelry of women’s insertion. In the future, the lattice is also developed and evolved on the basis of the puppet. Buyao originated in the pre -Qin period. It is an precious and gorgeous golden jade jewelry attached to the cricket. Generally, gold and silver silk is made as flower branches, jewelry on the top, and colorful bead jade hanging down. With the trembling of the steps, the drooping pearl jade also shakes, so it is named. The use of the Shang Dynasty hair bone beads must be used to make hair accessories such as bone bones, jade, ivory and other materials from the earliest source of human animals from ancient times to ancient times. It was initially established by my country’s crown service system during the Shang and Week.代 簪 簪 中国 is a tool for hairdressee in ancient Chinese women. The types of female hair accessories in ancient China are very rich. Its design and production are closely related to people’s lives, which deeply reflects the characteristics of national culture. Therefore, in ancient women, whether the subject matter, content, and artistic form were carried by the decorative subject matter, and in the form of artistic forms, it was the collection of auspicious cultural specimens, reflecting the traditional Chinese aesthetic complex. Therefore, the traditional interest on the 钗 should have high historical, cultural and artistic value. In these traditional culture and artworks, we are not only to appreciate its gorgeous color, but also because it can continue to enlighten us, it is worth our further research.

  4. In various costume dramas, we can all see the grace and luxury wearing the concubines. Not only are the clothes very attractive, but the various headwear on the heads are also very beautiful. So what exactly does the ancient hair accessories look like?
    饰 is one of the hair accessories. It is said that many ancient women use it to fix their buns. As long as women are adults, they can use it to get their hair. This is the so -called adult gift. So 笄 refers to the adult ceremony of a woman.
    The more common types of we are more common. It is from the source of the hair. It is a long needle used to fix the hairstyle in ancient times. It is said that it is made of metal, bones, and jade. We can see in various TV series that there are some jewelry in ordinary life that are 簪, and some are also very delicate.
    This is also an ancient hair accessory. This hair accessory is crossing by two sister -in -law, and it can also be fixed with the hat. It is worth noting that there is a big difference between 是 and 注意. The buns are just one, and the puppets are one pair, and the two usage is very different.
    The last one is Huasheng, and everyone is also called Huasheng. It is a flower -shaped jewelry used by ancient women. Use, presumably everyone knows what this is. Many of the characters in TV series have many hair accessories on their heads. In fact, their effects are different. Different materials and different complexity hair accessories can also reflect the identity of different people.
    In short, the ancient hair accessories are very particular, and it is also very beautiful to match. It is not just a cricket or a sister -in -law we know.

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