4 thoughts on “What do you want to consult each term for just bought diamond ring?”

  1. AU750 refers to the nature of metal, which is what we said that 18K is 25%of other metals that are mixed with gold in gold. The total quality of 10 points of diamonds is the weight of diamond plus gold. The color of the color is F-g, which is relatively white. The color of the diamond is extremely white pushing down from D to K, and so on. VS is a clarity refers to the flaws in diamonds. IF It is perfect to enlarge the flaw under the mirror. VS is a hard -to -find flaw under the mirror.

  2. Big name !!
    The characteristics of the big brand are "expensive". Of course, the cost of others is high.
    , all parameters (terms) have not much practical significance for small diamonds below 10 points. This certificate tells you: The ring you bought is 18K gold, with a 10 -point diamond.
    The is only suitable.

  3. The purity of the material AU750, indicates that the precepts are 18K

    The material quality of the material is 1.56 grams, and the net weight of the precepts is 1.56 grams

    diamonds 1/0.100ct, 0.1ct means 0.1 carat meaning, one Cera is 100ct

    Total mass 1.5806g, the total weight of the ring

    round diamond diamond shape is round

    color level: reference F-g, diamond, diamond 4C color level

    Clear level level: Reference vs, diamond 4C clarity level

    I made in Bafa Jewelry
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