The big drug lord kunsha has killed so many people. Why did the Myanmar government not arrest him and put him in prison, but let him live a normal life

It is said that he also legalized the $22 million black money he obtained from drug trafficking and allowed him to freely invest and open factories
Why didn't you sanction him?

4 thoughts on “The big drug lord kunsha has killed so many people. Why did the Myanmar government not arrest him and put him in prison, but let him live a normal life”

  1. At the beginning of the new year in 1996, news came from the golden triangle that kunsha, the leader of the world's largest heroin smuggling group, had officially announced his surrender to the Myanmar government. From the afternoon of January 1, the Burmese government troops successively entered the strongholds of the kunsha group in the golden triangle on the Thai Myanmar border and occupied the nest of the kunsha group. On January 8, the government army accepted the surrender of kunsha armed forces in homung and Ruilan regions. A total of 4431 soldiers laid down their weapons, and the government army collected 3483 weapons of various types. On January 18, the Burmese government held another gun surrender ceremony of the Khun SA group in Hom Mon, and Khun SA attended the ceremony. So far, more than 9000 people of the kunsha group have laid down their weapons, and a small number of residual armed forces have also successively surrendered
    since then, kunsha was kept under house arrest in a luxury area in Yangon until he died. However, during this period, he and his family still managed a very strong business empire, including jewelry and timber. Some people also think that he has not completely separated himself from drugs. He still lives in luxury.

  2. Drug lords need people's support, otherwise they can't live at all. They are supported by the second generation of rich people who are mentally disabled or over loaded with money. Of course, it's fair to say that they have nothing to be punished by drugs in the end. After all, they are the real supporters, and they deserve retribution. The main retribution for drug traffickers is that if they are too rampant, the police will destroy them. If they are not rampant, nothing will happen. But how can they not be rampant if they take the money of the second generation of rich people easily? So the final outcome is not good. However, as long as you are not crazy, you will not do anything against human beings. After all, the second generation of rich people who are mentally handicapped or over loaded with money are definitely not good birds, and they can be regarded as having done meritorious deeds for the people.

  3. First, the Burmese government army is not absolutely sure that it can give him a fatal blow. If it can not defeat kunsha at once, with its strong armed forces and financial resources, kunsha is very likely to fight with the government to kill him. If it is light, it will cause heavy losses to the country, and if it is serious, it may lead to civil war
    so after weighing the advantages and disadvantages, I still failed to catch him.

  4. I don't know, but I think it should be a process of exchanging interests. However, the reasons for the failure of the kunsha empire are worth summarizing, and it should be too publicized. If he could learn from Zhu Yuanzhang, postpone the policy of becoming king and accumulating grain, and strive to develop his own economy and armed forces, he might not be able to truly stand on the invincibility of Southeast Asia.

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