1 thought on “What kind of invoice should be issued when shopping malls buy gold jewelry”

  1. if you can issue an invoice for gold jewelry, you can issue a special value-added tax invoice and a general value-added tax invoice for gold jewelry. The invoice issued can be used for deduction. Generally, when you purchase gold jewelry, it is better to fill in the name of gold in the invoice, so that the gold jewelry can be exchanged for a new one in the future

    according to the notice of the State Administration of Taxation on issues related to value-added tax on personal physical gold trading business (Guo Shui Fa [2005] No. 178), branches, sub branches, sub offices and savings offices of financial institutions shall issue ordinary invoices uniformly supervised by the state Administration of Taxation to the purchaser when selling physical gold. It is the right of consumers and the basis for safeguarding their rights for the buyer to ask for invoices from the payee

    precautions for buying gold jewelry in shopping malls

    1. Strong and durable. For example, the mechanism chain of the necklace, the fixed mouth of the bracelet, the traditional push-pull bracelet, the smooth Tianyuan ring in the ring, and so on. This type is relatively strong. In addition, gold jewelry should not be too thin, such as necklaces less than 8 grams, bracelets less than 15 grams, and rings with too thin ring walls

    2, no harm to the body. If you are buying jewelry for your baby, you must avoid choosing jewelry with edges and corners, too many layers and uneven surface

    3. Fine workmanship. Whether the bracelet necklace is soft and easy to knot, whether it is scratched by hand, whether the surface is scratched and dented, whether the polished surface and the matte surface are regular, whether the lock is firm, etc. if there are no major problems in details, it is good jewelry

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