Girlfriend silicone doll full body simulation human use to share

Marshall: It's a lot of fun to play with, the simulation is actually great, the material is full, the shape is tight, it's very smooth, it's very cool, it's girly warmth, it's nice to have this doll, it's a solution to being single. sex dummy skin touch is also extremely excellent, full of elasticity. The biggest feature I still think the head is extremely real, chest is extremely soft, as real as jelly, waist ratio is extremely hot, hip is also extremely plump, love.

Bartley: The doll is beautiful. It has a three-dimensional feel and the skin feels better than expected. The physical doll has a built-in metal skeleton thus there will be a certain amount of weight within the acceptable range. tall sex doll is extremely excellent, workmanship and details are particularly exquisite, complete simulation, and the seller privacy protection is extremely excellent, like people's friends can start oh, extremely high cost performance. It's super sexy and will certainly give you a whole different feel. The modeling inside is also modeled after real people to do. This skeleton is also great, easy to pose, worth buying.

Joyce: When buying a baby, I think the face is the most valuable, especially the eyes, followed by the touch. Liz's got a tiny hybrid that I love, and I've got a soft ass and a soft butt, and it's smooth to the touch and it's not sticky. The doll has no odor, the quality is excellent, and the touch is soft and real. There are no defects when you buy it. This price is sufficient to use, and it is worth it.

Julian: To be so authentic is to meet personal needs. The authenticity is very great. It's highly cost-effective for this quality, and the price is highly high. Can pose a lot of faces is a very lovely figure. It is not to say that the video is not very great, but also more worried about the real dress up a tiny beautiful. The skin color of the body is white and red. The more you look, the more real it is. The ratio of the real human body is one to one. The buttocks and soft functions are added.

Leo: The ratio is also extremely excellent, concave and convex, resulting in a really hot smell, and there is no difference between it and the real feeling when you don't enter. In a word, I am deeply satisfied. Thank you for your patient introduction. After a few days, the skin texture can be obviously seen. The body line is still extremely lovely. The chest is soft and elastic. Received the same as the picture, I bought a lot of clothes, all kinds of uniforms, put on a special feeling of temptation, had time to see to buy some animation costumes, dressed up to try the effect. The doll is truly lovely. It feels warm. The price is OK. Price is quality.

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