pricing jewelry wholesale vs. retail There is a deep gift to send girlfriends

pricing jewelry wholesale vs. retail

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  1. atlas wholesale jewelry NO1. Creative custom text women's watch must show the style. TA originated from Swiss light luxury brand Zuo Weisha. The crystal clear star lens will complete elegance and literature and art. The sense of luxury, whether it is the goddess of temperament or the intellectual sister, can improve the control. Give girlfriends as gifts are super tasteful NO2. The Korean version of the small fresh chain package is given to the girlfriend meaning gift. Essence The brown is more gentle, and the leopard print adds a wildness ~ two plush balls at the mouth of the bag are crowded together, and it is connected to a bow -like style. Dry fruit, each taste is independent packaging. Come, I have a lot of nuts to share with you ... What about it? You can give a small gift with high value, such as the popular snack gift package NO4, which is very popular in recent years. The series of makeup, this lip gloss is made into a red wine bottle, which is extremely pleasing. The advantage of this lipstick is that it lasts for no makeup. You can apply it with your mouth full of mouth, or you can apply your lip gradient. Give his girlfriend, he must like it very much. NO5. Creative touching the bedside lamp should be determined according to the character of his girlfriend and gives gifts related to him. The touch controller of the crystal glass lens, the texture and design of the top alloy material are very high -end. There are four -gear touch, but the small body has a large energy atmosphere light, and the dream lighting crystal lamp with ultra -high light transmission. NO6. European -style butterfly hairpin is suitable for girlfriends, just pick here! Essence Exquisite work accessories, use hollow elements, embroidered and weaving bow, inlaid pearl decoration, fixed with fine iron wire, the sense of craftsmanship is detailed, the spring hair clip base, easy to use. No7. 创意触摸感应灯VMART光催化灭蚊器,采用光触媒技术,利用UV紫外光灯照射二氧化钛产生催化作用,活化光触媒,并产生出氧化力极强的氢气自由基破坏细菌细胞,抑制病毒活性及When breaking down the harmful organic matter in the air, the appropriate amount of carbon dioxide and moisture are released, and the humid carbon dioxide breath that humans exhale out stimulate the tentacles of mosquito. Attract the UV UV light, the mosquito seductive smell produces odor, the motor itself, and the gas flowing, and the mosquito to gather mosquitoes at the window of this machine to be inhaled and died by air drying through several hours. What gifts to give, expressing your own love, not only poke straight in the heart, but also reliable. No8. Literary wine chocolate to give exquisite gifts to consider a lot of things, and the inappropriate delivery may cause misunderstandings. German Asbach Dark Chocolate, perfect professional Bailan Di wine, makes people unforgettable. #NO9. Swarovski luxury necklaces mean to give girlfriends. Swarovski Swan necklace. Black classic swan is novel and small, with imitation crystal stones on it, low -key shiny, rose gold necklace becomes more and more elegant and generous. As a goddess, how can there be no elegant and trendy jewelry. No10. Pure natural crystal entanglement bracelet irregular purple crystal bracelets, fine carving and polishing, plump, smooth grain, irregular shapes highlighting literary noble, novel and novel styles, bright and bright, clear and elegant, women wear beautiful and generous, women are beautiful and generous, women are beautiful and generous, women wear beautiful and generous, women are beautiful and generous, women wear beautiful and generous, women are beautiful and generous, women wear beautiful and generous, women wear beautiful and generous, women are beautiful and generous, women wear beautiful and generous, and women wear beautiful and generous. Smart and fashionable. What gifts to show your own friendship, not only creativity, but also taste NO11. Malaysian Naid Bird's Nest Buy Malaysia Naid Bird Nest for Girlfriend. It contains the essence of bird's nest and egg white extraction, providing nourishment and repair for the skin, making the skin tender and smooth, improved the phenomenon of drying and dehydration, making the skin smooth and moist, the texture is mild, fit the face, and tried to any skin texture. NO12. Eternal Rose Gift Box Colorful Eternal Flower Art Display is beautiful. Seven colors are gorgeous and gorgeous, giving a elegant and delicate beauty. The imported eternal flowers imported from Japan, full of shape, complex cell dyeing technology to make the overall color bright and rich, the overall high -end has quality and aesthetics, suitable for Valentine's Day gifts. Since it is a small gift to girlfriend, I think it should be super fun. Sending girlfriends with deep intentions 2 1. Handmade products Valentine's Day can send small items made by girlfriends. Boyfriends can choose to send small things such as Ledgao ornaments, scarves, bags and other small things, or the model of the house. Small jewelry, etc., handmade can reflect the gentleness and carefulness of her boyfriend, showing their longing for the love of the two. 2. Love Valentine's Day Valentine's Day can give girlfriends love albums, diaries, and records of gifts in this category. Such gifts can record the sweet time since the two people love. The small details of the love of the record can also reflect the careful care and serious attitude of her boyfriend for love. 3. Practical Small Valentine's Day can also send girlfriends some practical small things, such as headphones, watches, etc. A high -quality practical small thing can not only improve the quality of life of girlfriends, but also when girls use their boyfriends, which improves the two and improves the two people. The degree of happiness between my boyfriend can choose more practical gifts according to the needs of her girlfriend. 4. Due to the special circumstances of embrace this year, if there is no way to meet, the love of the more popular hug this year is also a very good choice. You can hug each other through videos, and then you can leave this through each other to leave this. The embrace picture, then produced through the software, publishing a circle of friends, so that more people can see the love between you, it is also very good. 5. When the shopping cart is not suitable for everyone to go out this year, in addition to the videos between each other, you can not send a red envelope. You can express his love for her by clearing up your girlfriend's shopping cart. The content of the shopping cart is also the things that girlfriends like, but I didn't buy it, so you not only make her happy in this way, but also feel that your love for her is really very good. Sending a girlfriend has a deep gift 3 TOP1: Even if I am a person who is safe, I am sure to send her rose to her. She usually doesn't like flowers, although she doesn't like roses. But my last Valentine's Day I obviously saw a kind of envy in her eyes. But I don't think I will send her a handful of roses. If you want to send one, you will send one branch, or just a car or a boat. You know my truth. TOP2: Even if I am a warm and sweet person, I give candy. My girlfriend likes to eat sugar, what I think of candy is because of what I do. I really moved those candy merchants with innovative consciousness. Because not only the candy is delicious, the packaging is also exquisite. Thinking of a big class, a girl has put candy and strange rubber in the glass can in order to find a girl. I don't know what to do if she wants to send rubber, and I do n’t know what the girl does. TOP3: Even if I am a person who has no money to buy flowers and is too lazy to estimate, I will ... you will be okay if you understand me. "Poetry" is a very mysterious color. Don't think that I said it was wrong, remembering it was very mysterious, and the poem was even more mysterious. "The world is in line, but dare to be with the monarch" is too far away. I like it "I would like to be a lamb and follow you, I hope you hold a thin leather whip every day, hit me gently in me "On the body". Of course, even if I don't want to create a better song, I don't have to have this. TOP4: Even if I am a wealthy giant, I will have dinner with her on Valentine's Day. Although it is a candlelight dinner, can I still use it? The mysterious overcoming, the bright meal cloth, and the silver -light tableware reflect the brilliant roses. The passing small violin passed the passage of people's itchy notes, and she took out the collar that had been named her name and put it for her and put it on for her. The name is still engraved. In case you want to review them respectively, although people have money, they do n’t care, so I do n’t think about it. This gift is the most weak. TOP5: Even if I am a person with mental skills, I will send her ring. The gold is too despicable, the diamond is too noble, just give the platinum, a small circle, put her up first. Don't misunderstand that the ring is not an organ. Even if this is not good for this organ? Even Platinum is not good, then sending ivory, it looks tasteful. TOP6: Even if I am a very fashionable person, I will send her flower dew. Because I have rumored that the breath is to maintain the oldest goods in people's retrospective. Suddenly my knowledge of dew is limited, and after I understand it, I might as well give her a joy. Since then, I might as well be intoxicated in this familiar taste. TOP8: Even if I am a person who understands girl emotions, I will give her playwompers. The best is the kind of fluffy, Ted Bear and Garfield. Seeing those over the past, her city exaggeratedly screamed for those beloved goods, and I never paid attention, because I love her. Although this is a bit like a birthday gift, but what is the only to explore her? TOP9: Even if I am a sloppy person, I will send her record. It is a clever thing to be intoxicated in the music that they love. It is not good to kiss me because of being too impulsive, because you are not too good to understand my determination. TOP10: Even if I am a person who looks like a nonsense, I will pack myself to her. She has said that I am the best gift I gave her by heaven. Do you understand how impulsive me is at that time? Therefore, I might as well not repeat the dirt, arrange me according to her favorite situation, and wipe a little her favorite flower dew. Everything is ready. Before knocking on her door, use a prepared ribbon to play a bow tie on your head. Because you don't forget, at this moment I am a gift for Valentine's Day.

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