Why doesn’t liquor come in cans?

Baijiu is closely related to our real life, and every household has more or less the habit of drinking baijiu. It is not only a kind of food, but also has spiritual and cultural value.

In ancient times, literati and poets in order to find inspiration in wine poetry, to produce more beautiful poems; ​and politicians put the wine in the wind, in heroic drinking, each other imperceptibly set up a poem like the rainbow 39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược; ​diplomats use wine as a medium, which makes people feel not only the hospitable heart of the Chinese nation, but also the other side of this great nation’s poetic nature. Modern people use liquor as a carrier to communicate with each other and find friends.

But do not know if drinking friends have found such a problem. We drink beer in addition to the bottle and can pack, drinking more conveniently. Many drinks in our market will choose can packaging, including Coke, beer, cocktail and so on, but only liquor, changed a lot of packaging, but besides the glass bottle is a ceramic bottle, very few parts will use plastic bottles.

7419ecc902ed4a1c02d0c3eeabe0bd5aFirst, why is it inappropriate to use cans for liquor packaging?

1. Liquor contains high alcohol and other trace elements. If liquor is rancorous due to improper preservation after bottling, the acid in the liquor will react with the inner wall of the can, which will corroded the tank and lead to liquor leakage.

2. Liquor and other beverages are different. After brewing and filling, all kinds of aromatic substances are still changing, and the shelf life is very long, which increases the possibility of chemical reactions and corrosion of the tank.

3, the wall of the can is very thin, suitable for holding gas containing liquid, such as cola, soda, beer, etc. As the gas expands, it strengthens the tank walls for transport and storage.

What’s the best way to store liquor?

In the process of liquor production, there are traditional containers for storing (holding) wine, such as wine jar, wine urn, wine sea, wine (wood) box and wine basket. At present, the storage containers used in the wine industry can be divided into four categories: ceramic containers, blood containers, metal containers and cement pools.

Here, it is recommended that the winery use pottery jars when storing large quantities of wine, and stainless steel storage jars can be used as temporary storage containers.

And the friend that prepares to make bottle wine with equipment for a small winery, can choose CERAMIC bottle, glass bottle.

With glass bottles of wine, can be observed from the appearance of white wine body crystal clear, without impurities, suspended matter, etc. I think that’s why so many wine houses use glass bottles.

Today, Maotai is packaged in milky glass bottles. The cylinder body, with three steps at the shoulder, is known as the “Mau bottle”.

This kind of milky white glass bottle not only solves the problems of storage and aesthetics, but also has the advantages of avoiding light and ultraviolet rays, which provides a very good condition for long-term storage of wine.

After all, cans have thin walls and are good for holding gaseous liquids like coke, soda, beer, etc. As the gas expands, it strengthens the tank walls for transport and storage. And non-gas drinks such as white wine, can walls need to be made very thick, so in the white wine and beer these two liquid characteristics, white wine is not suitable for cans.

To sum up, because of its own particularity, liquor is not suitable for filling with cans at all, and only suitable for filling with glass or porcelain containers with good chemical stability.

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