5 thoughts on “Why do dogs like to dig holes?”

  1. Dogs like to dig holes are playful in our opinion, and feel that it is fun to dig and dig. In fact, this is a nature of the dog, which is inherited by the dog's ancestor. Since it is natural, how can I be deprived of it, and it cannot be digged by it, which becomes very contradictory. This requires the owner of the dog to take advantage of it. If possible, you can set up a cellar -like building for the dog and give it a place for dogs to play freely in it.
    The dogs are not good. As long as we spend more time to accompany it so that it will not feel lonely or dig into the hole. Of course, the nature of this dog can be changed for a while and a half. We must be patient. There is always a way to let it change this bad problem.

  2. Dogs like to dig holes, but this sounds too much. And sometimes it licks its own feet. It licks the soles of the feet or the feet, especially the soles of the feet. If it licked the soles of the feet. That is to say that it has contact sensitivity. It may walk on the grass or what, so when it just begins, it may make it comfortable. Now this habit has become obsessive -compulsive disorder, so it often does so.

  3. There is a legend in ancient times that people and dogs are friends. How people and dogs become friends. When humans appear on the earth, dogs are already on the earth. At that time, people and dogs did not establish a contract of friendship. Only when I first arrived on the earth, I do n’t know how to survive, but we have a fire, and humans do n’t protect themselves. So we signed a contract with a dog to share fire species with dogs, and dogs protect humans to prey together until humans learn to survive such contracts. Dogs Buried food to save food for humans and themselves. Soon human beings learned to survive with the help of mutual help with dogs, and invented many things. Although the contract has been lifted, human beings and dogs have been in love for a long time, humans and dogs and dogs have been in love. The friendship is getting deeper and deeper. This is why the dog bury things. As for the following articles, it depends on how we come to write. Essence Essence

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