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  1. Many dogs are very greedy. As long as it is "eating" in front of it, there is no possibility of "surviving". But do you know how the taste of Wang Xingren is different from humans? The article on the Japanese pet knowledge website pointed out that dogs are 12 times more sensitive than humans, and they are actually "sweet ants" like many people!
    The human tongue can taste sour, sweet, bitter, and salty. The tip of the tongue corresponds to sweetness, the first half of the sides is salty, and the back half of the sides is sour, and the root of the tongue can feel bitter. Different from dogs, the first half of the tongue is sweet and the second half is salty. The whole tongue surface can feel the sour taste, but it can't taste the bitterness. However, even if you ca n’t eat bitter taste, the dog's taste is 12 times more sensitive than humans.
    ▲ The taste distribution of dog tongue and human taste is different.
    Since the dog's taste is so sensitive, why do they feel very uns picky and always gobbled? In fact, because when eating, if you eat too much and the attention of the surroundings is too scattered, it is easy to be attacked by the enemy. Therefore, they try to make the taste slow as much as possible, and it feels like it is not refusing to the food. Essence However, dogs are still very sensitive to sour taste, because foods can endanger health and life safety, so the whole tongue can eat food sour taste.
    So Wang Xingren has any dietary preferences in addition to flesh? In fact, dogs like to eat sweets, especially fructose and lactose are most loved. Others such as rice, candy, ice cream and other sweet foods, dogs also love to eat. However, the masters should pay attention not to let the dog eat too many processed foods, so as not to make the dog happy, but hurt your health!
    ▲ Dogs love to eat sweets

  2. Border shepherd (detail introduction)
    The people who have known many people who have known them for dogs and hearing, so how is the dog's taste? What is the outstanding class? In fact, this is not the case. The taste of dogs is relatively dull. Their judgment of food taste is usually through the sense of smell rather than taste, so the dog's taste is not strong.

    This of the dog's taste is located on the tongue, and its stomach stimulates the secretion of gastric juice because of the smell of olfactory. Because the dog's mouth has more eggcons, the dog's taste is very dull. In fact, preparing food for dogs is not the taste of its taste, but more importantly. We know that dogs are more meat -eating animals. They have a very strong ability to bite, but dogs are naturally not good at rejecting food. Dogs are almost swallowed, so their feelings of food taste are not heavy. Essence However, dogs are very sensitive to odor. When preparing food for pet dogs, if you want to better stimulate its food, the taste of food is very important.

    . This shows that the taste of the dog is not highlighting, and it is very slow, so we don’t need to eat the food we think is very delicious, because these things are not good for them to be good for them And, except that the dog can distinguish its smell is fragrant, and it can hardly taste the taste of this food, so the first action that the dog often does before eating is smelling.

  3. Dogs are omnivorous animals
    . Different from carnivorous hunting animals, dogs are omnivorous animals that are eaten everything. Although the dog's ancestor wolf is meat, but because of the long -term live with humans, dogs who have been domesticated into livestock often eat human food given by humans. We don't just eat meat, but also some fruits, corpses of small animals, and so on; with the evolution of generations and one generation, dogs become omnivorous animals. Although dogs are omnivorous animals, the taste buds that perceive the sweetness on their tongue are particularly developed! Therefore, dogs are like some people who eat sweets, they also love sweet things ~ and in which the dogs and lactose are the most loved by dogs and lactose! Others like white rice, ice cream, candy, etc. they also love! Compared with dogs, cats who only eat prey instead are more sensitive to the taste and bitterness of corruption (some toxins contain something)! Judging from their dietary habits, it is not difficult to understand.

  4. Dogs have taste.
    The taste of the dog can be said to be minimal. The taste of the dog distinguishing food is basically relied on the sense of smell, and the smell of food is delicious and what scent is it, but the dog can distinguish the sweetness from the taste. of.
    The taste of the dog's taste is located on the tongue, and its stomach stimulates the secretion of gastric juice because of the smell of olfactory, because the dog's mouth has more tomato candidates, so the taste is very slow.

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