What should I do if puppies have mistakenly ate cat food

What should I do if I eat cat food by mistake
3 What should I do?

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  1. Generally, the problem is not big.
    This puppies do not need to control without adverse reactions.
    The nutritional content of cat food is more than dog food, and it is better for puppies. Dog food is mainly calcium, which can help dogs can better grow bones and meet the body's needs for calcium. Cat food has taurine, taurine is a substance for cat vision. This is not in dog food. Cat food's protein content is generally higher than dog food. Because cats need more protein intake than dogs. Most of the protein of cat food is between 30%-36%, and the protein of dog food is between 24%-30%. Except for special cases.
    but after discovering, don't feed cat food for puppies. If you find puppies calcium, you can feed calcium tablets. One meal every day, half a piece, crushed into the food. Doctors need to be confirmed to add calcium tablets, do not feed casually.

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