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  1. Baidu search can upload dogs directly to identify the dog's variety.
    The recognition of several common dog varieties:
    Chihuahua: one of the oldest dog species. The eyes are godly and large, the body is well -proportioned, the body is petite, the front leg is straight and long, the back body muscles are developed and straight, and the feet are small. It is widely loved by people, and it is elegant, vigilant, and fast. There is a difference between long and short hair.
    P. Dog: It is short, active, vigilant, clever, curious, thick and thick and fluffy. Small and cute, mostly white and brown.
    Golden retriever: Golden Retriever is one of the most common home dogs. It is easy to raise, be patient, not demand, and flatter. Live, not clumsy, enthusiastic, pilot, not afraid of giving birth. The ears are short and friendly. The neck gradually did not enter the shoulder and looked strong. The front body and the back body are strong and muscular.
    The poodle: poodle, also known as rolling dog. It is smart, beautiful, and understands. The hair color is uniform, the fur is thick, the hair curls, the eyes are wide, and the ears are sagging tightly to the head, and the foot is smaller.
    Butterfly dogs: slender body, small head, black round nose, sharp nose mouth. There are unexpected round eyes and black eyes. There is a white spots in the middle of the head. Big ears, ears are round, and the ears are large.

  2. [Microsoft push dog face recognition APP: distinguish the dog variety according to photos] Microsoft recently developed a iPhone application FETCH!, Can help users recognize dogs based on photos. FETCH! The accuracy of identification of dog varieties is very high.

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