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  1. The dealer's trading steps 1. The low -suction chip stage below the target price
    Is as long as investors have the laws of the activities of the Zhuang stocks, it is not difficult to get it in Italy. At this stage, the dealer often collects low -cost chips with a quiet, quiet, calm, and calm, calm, and calmly collecting chips. This part of the chip is the dealer's warehouse, which is the source of the dealer's future profits. Generally Throw it out.
    The transaction volume at this stage is very small daily, and the change is not large, and it is evenly distributed. At the end of the absorbing stage, the transaction volume was magnified, but it was not very large. The stock price was presented as not falling or even if it fell, and it would be pulled back quickly, but the rising market did not come immediately. Therefore, at this stage, retail investors should wait and see, and do not easily enter to avoid funds.
    . The test of the suction and shock warehouse was suppressed at the stage
    The dealer will not act lightly before the barrier has suffered a large increase. In some, the stock price increased slightly for several days to see how much the market follows the wind. Subsequently, it continued for several days to suppress, and the floating code with unstable will, and to clear the obstacles to the upcoming increase.
    Otherwise, once these floating codes are thrown on the market when the dealer rises sharply, the dealer will pay more to increase the cost, which is absolutely tolerated by the dealer. Therefore, suppression of the shock warehouse is inevitable. At the end of the dealer's suppression of the shock warehouse, the opportunity of investors' golden warehouses came. At this time, the trading volume was decreasing and the sharp shrinking was sharp than the previous few days, indicating that the stock holder's mentality was stable, and it was optimistic about the market outlook. Therefore, when the end of the shock warehouse is suppressed, while the K line is the yin line, it is purchased when the fall is the most fierce, and you can usually buy it in the lower shadow line to copy the bull stock outsole.
    . The stage of a large increase in stages
    The typical characteristics of the initial stage of this stage are the steadily enlarged transaction volume, the stock price is steadily rising, and the K -line average system is in a completely long arrangement state, or it is about to be in a complete multi -headed state. The number of yang lines is more than the number of yin lines. If it is Daniel's stock price, the closing price of the stock price is generally above the K -line average on the 5th, and the average line of the K line supports the stock price to extend up upwards.
    The typical features in the middle and late stages of this stage are that after a series of dishes, the stock price increased greater and greater, the increase angle is getting steeper, and the transaction volume is getting larger. If there is a decreasing state, then such stocks are either slowly shipped at about a month at a high sideways, or the absolute value of the stock price is reduced by using the right to remove the stock price.
    Is when the transaction temperature of individual stocks is hot, and when the transaction volume is amazing, the significant increase in the increase is almost over, because once the subsequent funds for buying the market are used, the selling pressure will be poured down. Therefore, the trading strategy in the later period of this stage is to resolutely not buy it. If you hold it in hand, you should always wait for the opportunity to ship.
    . During the washing phase of the dish washing stage
    iculously, with the sharp pull stage, performed simultaneously. Whenever the stock price is up to a step, the dealer generally wash the disk. Change the chips to improve the average position cost, prevent the early storage of the preliminaries from profitable, throw the goods in the middle, so that the dealer pays too much to increase the cost. Second, increasing the average position cost is also very beneficial to the dealer's departure from the high position. It is not that the dealer just scares the retail investors away as soon as the product is thrown away. The trading strategy at this stage should be flexibly grasped. If it is a brief washing disk, investors can hold the shares. If the dealer finds a high-level flag-shaped disk, the dishwashing process generally continues about 11-14 trading days, it is best to meet first first. At high shipments, at the end of the dish, it is not too late to enter the market again.
    . During the departure stage of throwing the goods
    The number of yin lines on the K -line diagram at this stage increased, the stock price is building the head. Although the buying market is still strong, it has been exposed to the state. It shows that the dealer has sent away the departure. Therefore, decisive positions at this time have become the best time for investors to leave. At this stage, the followers of the nine deaths were unbelievable.
    It's intentional intention
    Generally speaking, when the main force is not prepared to lift the stock price, the performance of the stock price is often dull and the transaction volume is very small. At this time It is not easy to determine the intention of the main force. However, once the main force increases the stock price, the main whereabouts will be exposed. We call such stocks as strong Zhuang stocks. At this time, the changes in trading volume have very important practical significance.
    At this time, if you can accurately capture the signs of the main force washing and intervene decisively, you can often get very ideal benefits in a short period of time. Practice has proved that according to the following characteristics of the transaction volume, whether the main force of strong Zhuang stocks can make a relatively accurate judgment:
    First of all, due to the active intervention of the main force, the original dull stocks were significantly enlarged in the transaction volume. Under the promotion, it becomes active, and there is a trend of increased price. Then, in order to give a large increase in the obstacles to the future, the main force had to be washed away forcibly the short -term profit disk. This washing behavior shook the horizontal disk on the K -line diagram. At the same time, because the main purpose is to go out of the general investor, the K -line form of the stock price often becomes an obvious "head shape".
    Secondly, during the main dish washing stage, the K -line combination is often continuously yin, and the number of yin will be received, and it is accompanied by huge trading volume every time it collects yin, as if the main force is shipping. In fact, if you look closely, you will find that when the above huge amount of Yin, the stock price rarely falls below the 10 -day mobile average. The short -term mobile average has a strong support for the stock price. This is what the technical person calls "the huge amount of long yin prices will not fall, and the main disk will rise."
    third, when the main disk washing, as the main indicator balance transaction volume (OBV), and the moving average of the main indicator of the transaction volume, there will also be some obvious features. On the 5th and 10th moving average, the moving average has always been running upwards, indicating that the main force has been increasing, stock trading is active, and the market outlook is optimistic. In addition, the quantitative indicator of the transaction volume OBV has always remained up. Even if it falls instantly, it will quickly pull up and can create a recent new high, which shows that from the perspective of volume energy, the stock price has already had a significant increase in the conditions. If a stock has changed after a wave of rising, its transaction volume changes above the above characteristics, it means that the main force of the stock may be great, and the market outlook is optimistic.

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