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  1. The three criteria for judging MLM are:
    1, entry fee
    Is whether you need to subscribe for goods or pay the fee to get qualified or develop the qualifications to develop others, to obtain illegal interests; N need to develop others to become their own offline, and pay for the number of people who develop directly or indirectly to pay for the number of people to pay for illegal interests; Indirect development personnel are based on calculation compensation to obtain illegal interests. If it meets the above characteristics, it is possible to be suspected of MLM.
    Eight tricks teach you to avoid MLM trap:
    1. Prevent "killing":
    The friends and friends introduced different places investment and work opportunities. Be cautious and verify multiple parties.
    2, carefully query company information:
    The companies recruiting on the website are not all formal. Be sure to check it carefully, including the company's detailed address, telephone, industry evaluation and cases that have been done. It does not rule out that the MLM organization applies other company information. It is best to ask more parties and increase their vigilance.
    3, telephone interview questions:
    During the telephone interview, you can ask several professional questions and the specific situation of the project. If the other party swallow or avoid the problem, you must be vigilant.
    4. Be careful when changing the address of temporary changes:
    In the prescribed place, the other party needs to change the place to meet, be careful! You can ask the nearby people whether there is this company in office. If the other party said that sending a car to pick you up, don't get in the car casually, it is likely that it has been colluded with the MLM organization.
    5, do not go to remote meeting place:
    If found that the meeting address is remote, do not go easily. The interview address must be sent to family and friends. Under normal circumstances, regular companies will sign contracts and work, and be careful when going to the construction site or project location.
    6. When being concerned about the situation of the family, you should exaggerate:
    The MLM organizations usually do not talk about too many companies, but inquire about whether your family is around, whether there are friends from hospitals or police station. It can deliberately exaggerate your connections. MLM organizations have some scruples and have the opportunity to escape.
    7. Understand new MLM usage words:
    Is seeing investment rebates, travel inspections, consumer pensions, love mutual assistance, original stocks, virtual currency, online direct sales, etc. The concept hype was blinded by speculation.
    8. Determine whether the sources of high yields are reasonable in advance:
    The slogan to see the wealthy and lying on lying down, to determine whether the so -called high returns meet the normal business laws and business logic. Don't be fascinated by high -profile eyes, keep your mind clear and rational judgment.

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