1 thought on “What are the creative funny group nicknames?”

  1. 1. Socialist successor

    . The joy of the joy

    3. Who is the dog first who is the dog
    n 4. The same village club

    5. The sisters of the times

    6, the gathering place of the same village

    7, the mixed world devil kings

    8, fresh and refined small small small small Witch

    9. The kindergarten class

    10, the ancient god beast gathering place

    11. Single dog protection association

    12. Love Palace

    13. The red envelope group of the goddess royal order

    14. The blind date team

    15. Single dog gathering place

    16. Poverty group

    17, tender guys

    18, three seconds of world

    19. A string of 82 82. The year of raisins

    20. Looking back at a smiley chicken flying dog jump

    21. What a wow dē boy
    n2 22, near the pig who eats r

    23. If I do n’t remember, I used to count fart

    24. Only homework can be left without abandonment

    25. All those who ruling orangutans are called Beast I

    26, wild funny

    7, the moon is bent by the palace

    28, unshanding night, I miss you

    29, half -shelter and half -shelter

    30, ← ← scrape

    31, weekly marry you r r

    32, pretending to sell Meng ominous

    33, walking too much, flash waist

    34, girl, you have a big bust

    35, boss, coming to the enemy dichlorvos

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