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  1. 1. Youth Invincible
    2, time hurried
    3, cute to pole
    4, time does not go
    5, father is better than mommy, mi
    6, childhood memories
    7 , Girlfriend
    8, Lovers ❤
    9, beautiful girl
    10, basketball teenager
    11, forever forever, together
    12, loved big family
    13, renewal circle Yuan
    14, youth is often there, time is still
    15, the time of nostalgia, you have me
    16, family ◕‿◕ lovers
    17, book incense home
    18, thick Thick love ❤
    19, Fashion family
    20, ◕‿-family
    21, forge ahead
    22, sunflower towards
    23, inspirational teenagers
    24, rushing towards No. 1 One
    25, strive to catch up

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello You Ziqun, Journey to the Survival, Tianya Gathering Flows mainly depends on which region in which area belongs to. XX is changed to the local area of ​​XX County qq exchange group ?? √ Jun male ∞ ∞?? Fushun Sky ?? XX Youzi House ?? The first group of XX home ?? ?? XX mutual assistance alliance ?? There is a more perfect life with your life (xx) ?? XX ≤ brother and sisters ≥ the old people who come ?? The youth ?? Spicy Kyoto ?? XX Dream Park ?? XX The villagers are happy !! ?? Love is XX love ?? Tongliang people in the country ?? XX Si Xiang Pavilion ???? Fate Gather XX ???? South Guangdong Red Earth Love ??

  3. Face for your own.

    The ambition is in my heart

    The youth is easy to die


    ◣ The stubborn dream

    is a man, just live your pride.

    The itching

    This hardness is for the sake of hard work, no regrets!

    Pengfei 90,000 miles

    do not weak (not weak)


    峩 Want 旳 Future,

    Son, I will desperately give you the future

    This go all the way

    The live is more chic

    This move forward! Don't look back!

    It believes that God is fair
    Stochiers to advance i

    n Believe

    This do not work hard. It is possible that MUC, 丨 Royal I 灬ヤ o Yi Cat oοο

    Exclusive ヽ Family

    ▼ Lone Radiam M n
    Raw ditch, handsome guy r

    I give up you@

  4. 1. Socialist successor
    2, joyful girl
    3, who takes off the dog first, who is the dog
    4, the same village club
    5, Nuo Da Village
    6, the sisters of the times r
    7, the same village gathering place
    8, Qingsong Village Tongcun Group
    9, the ages of the young man
    10, the high -level intellectual exchange group
    11, we are all villages
    12, Chen Chao, Chen Chao Hao Mingzhai
    13, Mixed World Demon King
    14, fresh and refined little witch
    15, Taohua Island
    16, kindergarten class
    17, Tongcun chat
    18, the brothers and sisters of the village
    19, Li Ziqiao Same Village Club
    20, Youth Silver Team
    21, Tongcun Tongyan
    22, the group name we have used in those years

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