5 thoughts on “What are the aggregate payment platforms?”

  1. At present, many companies are doing aggregate payment:
    The third -party payment product. The product function is the collection and payment function. The aggregation is mainly wallet functions such as ZFB, XYK, VX!
    I assisted merchants and merchants, and personal merchants to receive money, card card withdrawal function!
    The apps of aggregated payment: flash payment, mango payment, cloud payment, cool wallet, etc.!
    Function introduction: Cool Wallet "is a very powerful aggregate payment app. Whether you use WeChat, Alipay, Credit Card, Baidu Wallet, QQ Wallet and other mobile payment platforms You can use your credit card, bank card, WeChat, Alipay, etc.!
    The rates: traditional merchant POS has a high rate, and the rate of aggregation payment is relatively low. The development of the times has more and more products, and the rate is getting lower and lower! Treat rate 0.30-0.55! 0.25-0.45 in the cool wallet app!
    Wang users to recognize the platform, do not know how to know, please go to the application treasure to download experience!

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