1 thought on “What are the platforms for aggregation payment?”

  1. The platform for aggregating payment mainly refers to Apple Pay, WeChat, Alipay, Lakara, UnionPay, JD, Baidu Wallet.

    The "payment service" beyond the "payment, settlement, liquidation" service, also known as fusion payment, or fourth -party payment platform. The aggregation payment can integrate a number of third -party payment platforms on one platform to provide payment services for merchants and consumers.
    In March 2017, the People's Bank of China issued the "Guiding Opinions on Continuing the level of receiving service, standardizing and promoting the development of the receipt service market", which clearly encourages the development of aggregate payment services, and recognizes that the aggregation payment continues to continue Improve the efficiency of special merchant payment and the role of consumer payment experience. In addition, the "Guidance" also encourages the personalized value -added services of aggregating payment, and standardized the security, stability and technical standards of the aggregate payment business system.
    The products and services of aggregate payment are roughly divided into two types:
    The is a payment platform solution for offline merchants. In addition to software support, it also provides hardware devices, such as cashier, cashier scanning guns. According to this type of expansion, some will help merchants do some CRM management to help customers do marketing.
    The second is the interface provided by online merchants with online cashier projects. It is also a strong demand to do projects on the Internet, and WeChat Alipay is unacceptable for merchants who need funds turnover.

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