4 thoughts on “Urgent, help debt dispute resolution (100,000 fire emergency)”

  1. For this little thing, you may have a lot of trouble. First of all, you have to determine that the other party ’s QQ does use the charge you bought, so this must be provided with the QQ official website to provide you withdrawal information. Secondly, you must have sufficient evidence to prove that this QQ application or everyone is your classmate. This evidence is difficult to determine. Unless your classmate uses the real name, including the ID card when applying for QQ Information, and all real, can prove it.
    In view of the above two points, from the legal level, you must confirm two points. First: the user or owner of QQ is your classmate. Second: That QQ does use the point card you bought without paying for you. This can determine the fact that this infringement.
    It recommended that you use text messages or telephone recordings or letters to get the other party who uses the point card you bought and does not want to repay. In this way, he can find his guardian (parent) directly.

  2. Well, the QQ number was stolen and then returned.
    It you can use QQ chat records to obtain relevant information, that is, how her QQ number is taken back. Tencent should be assisted.
    If you have been stolen, then you can only report the case and wait indefinitely.
    If you have not been stolen, you have evidence to prove that she lie.

  3. You can't go through the law, because your evidence collection is a problem, and these are the basis for court acceptance cases. For example, you tell me 10 yuan, I said no. What should you do? Take out an IOU or find a proofer. Do you take it out? Now you let others bring me, I said I didn't see it? You have to double the evidence. Give him your QQ coin now, what about the evidence? chat record? This can only be used for reference and cannot be used as direct evidence, because chat records can be changed. QQ coins are virtual currency, and there is no clear legal basis.

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