Does the other party arrears with the payment, does the debit writing have legal effect? Ask the great god to help the move?

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  1. The delay of the payment, the debit of writing does not necessarily have legal effect. It is possible to write a debit in debt, but the validity period for the debit is only three years. If you owe money without paying it, you need to be implemented within three years; but if it is a delayed payment, the amount involved is relatively large. Then you can generally write the IOU, and the lack of bars must be occurred in the case of equality and voluntariness.
    Legal analysis
    This is preferably borrower's handwriting, but pay attention to writing specifications. Borrowing the printing cards is also legal, but it is easy to forge. The borrower's signature should be marked at the same time. The information of the borrower must write a clear ID number, and requests the borrower to provide the original to check when writing. The date of the loan -must be written clearly, it is best to be accurate to the day, and the repayment date can be agreed in the debit. If the repayment date is not approved, the borrower may be claimed at any time. When the Japanese expires, it can be returned. If the expiration of the repayment date has not been returned, the lender should sue within three years, and the right to win the prosecution may be lost within three years. The payment of the payment should be selected as much as possible. You can clearly clarify the account number and the transfer date of the payment of the payment in the debit. For transfer, you can note the use of borrowing. If the amount is small, the borrowing of both parties should be indicated in the debit during cash delivery. In any way, the borrower's book is required to write a receipt that has received the money. The debit can only prove that there is a loan contract relationship between the two parties, which is not enough to prove that the borrower has fulfilled the obligation of delivery. If the borrower is married, it is best to obtain the signature of the spouse, which is more guaranteed to the creditors to avoid the party's refusal to bear the repayment obligation or in the court. repay. After the borrowing article is issued, a copy of the ID card signed by the borrower should be collected at the same time and a copy of the marriage certificate. If the amount is large, you can ask a lawyer or a third party to witness and sign.
    The legal basis
    "Provisions on the Supreme People's Court on the Application of Laws on the Application of Laws in Civil Loan Cases" Article 20 Others signed or stamped on the creditor's rights vouchers such as receivables, receipts, arrears, or loan contracts, but It does not show that its guarantor's identity or assurance responsibility, or if other facts cannot be presided over to be a guarantor, if the lender requests him to bear the guarantee, the people's court shall not support it.

  2. 1. As long as the signature of the other party will take effect, it will have legal effect, it is best to let the other party write the ID card information and press the handprint;
    2. The organization helps collect;
    3, safeguard your legitimate rights and interests.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am Baidu's cooperative lawyer, and I am glad to serve younIs it valid for the question to write a cash borrowing?nAnswer Hello, I have received your question. You are typing at a high speed to reply to you. Please wait a while.nLegal IOU writing: 1. Title, the title of the IOU is generally composed of the name of the text, that is, the word "IOU" is written in the middle of the text in the middle of the text. Some are also written in this position as the title of "temporarily owed" or "current ownership", but the text of this title is written in the next line. 2. The text, the arrears of the text should write clearly who owed or what units, and what is the number,nIt is also necessary to indicate the date of repayment, and the breach of contract can also be added. For example, the period fails to return. In addition to the interest rate, Party B will be paid to the party A at the default damage of double the interest rate. 3. The name of the off -party units and the auto -signed signatures of the offering of the offering of the payment are required to be the name of the owner of the owner of the owner. At the same time, the date of the lack of bars is signed. The unit must be stamped with the official seal, and the individual must be covered with a private seal.nIs it valid to write a question?nThe nature of answering arrears is different from the nature of the debit. The reasons for them are different. The loan is mainly due to borrowing, and the arrears may be caused by buying and selling, lease, interest and other reasons. If there is no agreed repayment date, the creditors can ask at any time, and the timeliness will be calculated from the time of the debtor's refusal to repay. The maximum time must not exceed 20 years. If the repayment period is agreed,nThe time limit is calculated from the expiration of the repayment period. If there is no agreed repayment period, the time of the lawsuit will be calculated from the date of the formation of the arrears, and the agreed repayment period is calculated from the expiration of the repayment period. In other words, the time limit for the debit and IOUs of the repayment period is the same. There is no debit and arrears that there is no agreed repayment period.nIt's effectivenBut there are differences between the twonIsn't the payment of the payment?nAnswer Hello, I have received your question. You are typing at a high speed to reply to you. Please wait a while.nBorrowing, repayment, borrowing, and repayment should be written clearly and quantity. It is best to use capital numbers to prevent modification and falsification. It is wealth, it is things, to distinguish, do not blur or confuse. Involved in the digital part, it is best to use the capital. There are lowercases without capital, inconsistency of the case, space in front of the numbers, and the position of the decimal point are inaccurate. These are easy to add numbers or modifications according to people, and then cause disputes. For example, "Payment of Pickup of RMB 10,000 (18 million yuan)", this is a common mistake. I have seen many times the last Arabic numerals plus zero, and the amount will suddenly change the statement. "Three" and "Zhang San borrowed", there is no day, do not turn the "owe" and "receipt".nHow to write the lack of goods in the company's arrears will be buried for the dispute and do not turn the "owe" into "debit" for the dispute. The difference between the word, the labor dispute instantly transformed into a civil loan dispute. The migrant workers' long -term arrears of wages of the enterprise could be difficult to report and appeal the labor arbitration department, and they could only sue to the court.n12 morenBleak

  4. The payment is not a borrowing, because you do not actually lend the other party's funds. In the later period, if you hold the borrowing of rights, there will be some flaws. It depends on the court's determination. The opponent should be issued to the arrears, stating the amount of arrears, repayment time, and whether there is interest. Such arrears have legal effect.

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    This is a voucher for individuals or units written to relevant units or individuals when arrears or arrears. There are also people who are called "white bars" today. IOU is also a based on the definition of the property that proves one party in owed to the other, and a type of style is applied. The lack of depression at that time was a civil ability. Without evidence, IOU has legal effect. If the medical identification depression is seriously so severe that this person will have cognitive disorders, that is, he cannot fully identify his behavior, then this person is to restrict people with civil behavior, but as long as it is not completely unable to identify his own behavior, then he is yourself. The behavior of being sober is responsible. If it can be proved that it is during the behavior, it is not necessary to take responsibility.
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