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  1. [PConline miscellaneous talk] Go out without cash, buy a cup of milk tea online, buy some snacks online payment. For consumers, online payment is quite convenient, and many businesses also like to allow users to pay online. It is convenient, and the other is more flexible. For the current people, a mobile phone can be quite convenient to go through the world.
    The news about the recently issued digital currency issued by the central bank believes that the friends have heard slightly. The English of the central bank's digital currency is referred to as DCEP, which is the abbreviation of digital currency electronic payment (). In short, it is digital RMB. DCEP has a very clear positioning, which is the banknotes and coins listed as a part of the good Han wallet.
    So we need to understand the following points:
    1. The significance of launching digital RMB?
    2. What is the difference between paying with third parties?
    3. What is the difference between virtual currencies such as Bitcoin?
    4, excellent and inferior? Is it worth looking forward to?
    So why should you launch digital RMB? In fact, from a long -term perspective, the digital economy is the increasingly important driving force for global economic growth. The research and development and application of legal digital currencies helps to efficiently meet the public's demand for legal currencies under digital economy, improve the convenience, security and anti -counterfeiting level of retail payment, and promote the accelerated development of my country's digital economy.
    of course, looking at the moment, in fact, it is just a banknote. It is understood that the operating costs including the transportation, storage, circulation, destruction, etc., which are more than 200 billion yuan per year. After the implementation of digital RMB, its operating costs can also save a lot. Moreover, problems such as counterfeit currency will also be solved.
    , and as far as the current situation is concerned, in the future, we may just have an additional digital wallet and one more payment method, such as one more in Alipay and WeChat -using DCEP payment.
    What is the difference between paying and third -party payment? Advantages ...
    So the question is, what is the difference between it and third -party payment such as Alipay and WeChat? In essence, the two are very different, but from the results, it is actually not much different. And what payment is used, for users, more importantly is whether the ecology is perfect.
    Thendon renminbi digital currency and Alipay and WeChat payment are two completely different concepts. Alipay or WeChat are just the electronicization of currency, which can be called an electronic wallet. In other words, Alipay and WeChat just show a number, which must correspond to the same number of RMB.
    RMB digital currency is a brand new currency. It is the same as the RMB of paper banknotes. It carries the role of currency issuance. Moreover, the regional chain technology of digital currencies has irreplaceability, traceability, etc. Features will make the currency safer.
    The even! Alipay and WeChat, as a third -party payment platform, we chose to put some of our money on the third -party platform out of their trust. When we need a transaction, the third party will transfer the money on them to the trader.
    , but this also involves a problem -after all, Alipay and WeChat payment belong to individual enterprises, although they have a certain highly developed security technology ..... We do n’t say anything else, we will say that once the enterprise is once the company Is it impossible to guarantee our money or our money, which will cause hundreds of millions of people to lose money.
    Mad, do you remember when the last time you used? In fact, everyone may not believe it. When I turned the wallet for a long time, when I found that there were several red tickets inside, I was full of doubts in my mind, "When do I still have so much money?" It really made me eat a few more meals during the holidays!
    is more intuitive to pay from other third parties. DCEP supports dual offline payment. In other words, as mobile payment deeply integrates into our daily life, it should be no stranger to the use of digital RMB. As long as you and I have digital wallets on the mobile phone, you do n’t even need the Internet. As long as the mobile phone has electricity, the two mobile phones are “touched”, and you can transfer the digital currencies in a person's digital wallet to another people.
    and comparison, the digital currency issued by the central bank is higher security, and behind the digitalization, it is the support of the central bank! Can we pit our people?
    and digital currency can effectively understand the data. To a certain extent, some people can also prevent some people from transferring assets overseas and play a great role in economic regulation. In short the benefits of.
    What is the difference between that virtual currency of Bitcoin?
    I mentioned digital currency, many small partners may be more sensitive, because many people have been cut by various digital currencies in recent years, and they are scared. Listening to the news, when the central bank announced the development of digital currencies, many people thought that the "Bitcoin" of the central bank was going to be out of the central bank. In fact, it was not. Of course, our understanding of digital currency stems from Bitcoin, and its birth has changed our awareness of currency.
    But because this software is open source and the efficiency of this workload is very low, many Bitcoin fanatic fans later transformed this method. Laitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Hundreds of digital currencies are variants of Bitcoin. Of course, these digital currencies have no government endorsement. Coupled with a series of problems such as speculators in the market, unstable currency value, etc. , Earn a lot of money.
    . The Chinese version of the digital currency and bitcoin, except for the final performance result, is the currency in digital forms, its specific concepts are completely different.
    The digital currency software code of the Chinese version is non -open source, and the circulation of digital currencies in China can not help but algorithm decisions. The amount of currency is still in the hands of the government, and it will not be on any exchanges, and of course it will not be used to speculate on appreciation.
    So friends can now distinguish between the differences from Bitcoin, and keep in mind several points of digital RMB:
    1. Digital RMB can only be issued by the central bank
    2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Digital RMB cannot be used for transactions or appreciation. Only normal interest
    3. Any project that promotes digital renminbi as gimmicks is pit, do not have any fantasies!
    Bridge bean sack! Although we talk about the various benefits of the digitalization of the renminbi, everything is disadvantaged -no matter how convenient the mobile payment is, there is still a lot of use threshold compared to some groups. If everyone cannot be used without thresholds and equal use, then our ideal cashless society is meaningless.
    For the simplest thing I have experienced, I used to take a taxi once at night. When I had to pay, the driver's master refused to pay the network and must let me pay with cash. After some theory, I chose to compromise and make concessions, and the reason why the driver insisted on allowing me to pay with cash was -I do n’t believe in any virtual payment method, I just believe in the banknotes pinching in my hand (indeed impeccable).
    Therefore, digital RMB is unlikely to completely replace banknotes at this stage. Instead, it is a supplement to banknotes. Overwhelming, but this does not mean that digital RMB has really landed. Before the formal launch, it is also necessary to test the theoretical reliability, system stability, and risk controllability.
    The central bank also stated many times that the schedule of digital RMB has not yet been launched. Of course, if the digital RMB pilot test is smooth, we might see its appearance at the 2022 Winter Olympics? If it is implemented, I believe that it will be given more convenience in the future, and it is quite exciting.

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