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  1. Purchase on -site: Investors need to register an account for securities transactions first, and then they can find channels for fund sales software, fund company official website and other channels for purchases. The purchase of US stock index funds in China is investment in overseas assets. Chengdu; Outside the market: Investors need to open an account of a fund transaction first, and then look for fund agencies and third -party payment platforms for purchases.
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    Fund (FUND) In ​​a broad sense, the fund refers to a certain amount of funds set up for some purpose. It mainly includes trust investment funds, provident funds, insurance funds, retirement funds, and various foundations. From an accounting perspective, the fund is a narrow concept, which means funds with specific purposes and uses. The funds we now mention mainly refer to securities investment funds.
    The a bidding method of a closed fund on the stock exchange, the transaction price is influenced by the market supply and demand relationship, and it does not necessarily reflect the fund's net asset value, that is, relative to its net asset value. The transaction price has a premium and discount. The practice of closed -end funds abroad shows that its transaction price often has the law of premium premium and then discount.
    It, from the operation of my country's closed -end funds, no matter how the fundamental conditions change, the transaction price trend of closed funds in my country has never been able to break away from the premium premium and discount price fluctuation law. Open funds and closed funds together constitute two basic operations of the fund.
    Open funds refer to the fund size that is not fixed, but an investment fund that can issue new shares or redeemed by investors at any time according to the market supply and demand. Closed funds are relative to open funds. It means that the fund size has been determined before the issuance. After the issuance and prescribed period, the fund scale is fixed in investment funds.
    has no duration, theoretically, it can exist forever; the price is determined by net asset value. The closed fund has a fixed duration and the fund size is fixed. Generally, it is listed and traded on the stock exchange. Investors buy and sell fund units through the secondary market; In a round of opening, when opening, you can decide how much or how much you put in, and the newcomer can also invest at this time. Generally, the opening time is 1 week and the closed time is 1 year; the price is determined by the supply and demand relationship. The net value of the fund will affect the price of the fund, but the two are not uniform. Usually, the closed fund is more discounted.
    In open funds are one of the basic forms of funds in various countries in the world. Fund management companies can sell new fund units to investors at any time, and they also need to buy back the fund units they hold at any time at any time. Open funds have become the mainstream varieties of the international fund market. More than 90%of the fund markets in the United States, Britain, Hong Kong and Taiwan are open funds.

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