sweet lola jewelry wholesale How to view the trading details of any day?

sweet lola jewelry wholesale

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  1. wholesale tassel jewelry 1. First open the fellows on the mobile phone,
    2, find an icon of a magnifying glass in the upper right corner, click the stock code you want to find
    3, jump to the stock page, take the Chinese heavy work as an example, the red box as the red box, the red frame The content of the middle is the time time,
    4, the detailed transaction volume of the right side is displayed on the right. Here you can clearly see how many hands and price information of each transaction for one minute. Below the K line shows "the flow of funds today". Here is the total number of transactions within a day, the main movement on the left, and the total transaction volume on the right
    n Expanded information
    (1) Business scope:
    The information service business in the second type of value -added telecommunications business (operating by valid "Valid Value -added Telecom Business Business License"). The technical development, technical services, and results transfer of computers and electronic products, sales of computer software and hardware; design, production, release, and agency of various types of advertisements at home and abroad (projects that must be approved according to law, operating activities can be carried out after approval by relevant departments) The scope of business approved by the company's registration authority shall prevail.
    (2) Company Brief History:
    Previous is Shanghai Nuclear New Software Technology Co., Ltd., established on August 24, 2001, and Shanghai Nuclear New acquired Hangzhou Nuclear New 100 on February 13, 2007 %Of equity. On July 5, 2007, with the approval of the Hangzhou Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau of Zhejiang Province, Shanghai Nuclear was newly moved to Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. On December 14, 2007, Zhejiang Nuclear New Tonghua Shun Network Information Co., Ltd. overall changed to Zhejiang Nuclear New Tongluxun Network Information Co., Ltd. In order to allow stockholders to tradem stocks and enjoy the current income, a "stock market version of the remaining X Bao" launched is not only able to enjoy a steady current income, but also the capital can be collected.

    (4) Three advantages of the same flower wallet

    1. After the deposit is deposited, at least the next day after the deposit is deposited. However, the fellow flowing wallet supports the existence function. For example, when you just deposited the funds into the wallet in the last minute, when the stock market suddenly rose the opportunity, you could get the money in the same Flower Wallet in the next second to kill the stock market. Seamlessly connected with stock transactions to achieve efficient use of funds.

    2, safe and stable, people's livelihood bank supervision, the monetary fund is connected to the back of the wallet, and the currency fund has made money every day.

    3, transferred every Thursday, the stock market does not open on the weekend, and the wallet can also enjoy weekend income.

  2. nahmu jewelry wholesale You can check it on the client of the Fllow Flush:
    The trading details on the day -press the shortcut key 01 to enter the transaction details
    The historical transaction details -click the analysis menu -historical memories -selection date -on the right right You can see the lower corner

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