free spirit wholesale jewelry How much physical strength does the Harvey Soul of Darkness 2?

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  1. wholesale body jewelry toronto Due to the setting of the game of "Dark Soul 3" itself, and without a complete reference data, the weekly strategy cannot guarantee that the route appearing in the guide is the best route of the game. If the expression is unclear or even wrong, I also ask players to propose in a timely manner that I will modify it as soon as possible. Since the release date of the Hong Kong version of "Dark Soul 3" is later than other versions, some players choose to wait for the Chinese version to be released. In the case, when the strategy is two weeks or even three weeks, you will check the shortage and make up for the leak as much as possible. After the Chinese version is released, players can reference to this article. Selection of the route during the process, then, the following is officially embarked on the journey of being abused;
    Ti people starry sky

    The character creation

    The interface, in addition to the conventional options, players in the process of creating characters, the most far -reaching options on the future strategy game is the choice of character origin. Select a funeral product from nine funerals, but in the process of game promotion, the other eight funerals can be obtained by players;

    (Occupation) There are a total of ten types, namely knights, mercenaries, soldiers, presences, thieves, assassins, magicians, mantras, priests, people who are not located (reference blood sources), and the funerals can be selected. Life ring, goddess blessing, hidden blessing, black fire inflammation pot, inflammation of the stone, the soulless soul, rusty gold coin, cracked red orb, and young white branches;

    The choice of birth can be selected according to your own preferences. Each origin determines the direction of the character's future growth or even the style of the battle, but no matter how to choose, unless the player is very confident in his operation to his own, otherwise, don't, don't want to. Choosing is not born, the value seems very good, but the choice of this origin and other players is completely two experiences. The initial value of each origin is different, and the growth of future growth is different. The initial value After a good role, officially enter the game;

    basic operation

  2. wholesale jewelry lots china I have a week of eyes, my physical strength has been added to 40, just to maintain a 70%load. Then wearing Erlong, the weapon is only equipped with sticks and bows, and the shield is only equipped with a Wei Long Shield.

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