purchase jewelry wholesale What are the precautions of Russia's entry and exit

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  1. fleur de lis jewelry wholesale Precautions for Entry and Exit of Russia:
    The first check in the Russian border and fill in the corresponding declaration form. When entering and leaving the Russian border port, you must pay attention to understanding the Russian customs's list of items that prohibit or bring in Russia, and the duty -free limit to bring product regulations. The foreign exchange US dollar, gold and silver jewelry, valuable items, cameras, etc. that are carried by themselves should be clearly and collected. When you return to China, you can bring these items back with the declaration form.
    In flighting to Russia, you can check your luggage for free. The weight cannot exceed 20 kg. The luggage carried with you is long. high. The total width cannot exceed 115 cm.
    The items carried by the train have weight restrictions and exceed a certain weight. The border inspection personnel will receive taxation. In the border customs, there is no limit on the foreign exchange and foreign currency entry of foreign exchange and foreign currency, but when the number of dollars carried more than $ 500, the red channel must be taken. The green track is not exceeded, and the declaration form will not be stamped. But rubles will not be allowed to be out of the country.
    Extended information:
    The things cannot be carried:
    1, securities (payment documents and travel checks);
    2, various forms of precious metals and gems, other temporary temporary temporary temporary temporary temporary temporary Except for the decorations of the entry and departure;
    3, weapons and ammunition and other explosive dangerous items;
    4, anesthesia, psychotic drugs, poison, and other similar drugs; The icons, ancient coins, medals, commemorative medals, stamps and other cultural relics;
    6, radioactive items;
    7, endangered wild animals, plants and products;
    8, radio technology equipment or other combinations and assistance Machines;
    9, involved in national secrets, with ex -propaganda fascism, hostile to society, race, ethnic, and religious knowledge, and pornographic printing, shadow, vision, photo materials;
    10, for production for production And business activities.
    Reference materials Source: China Zhiwang-how much does it know how much immigration to immigrants in Russia
    Reference materials Source: People's Daily-Foreign Ministry reminds the precautions for transit the Russian visa

  2. wire for jewelry wholesale Precautions for Russia when studying abroad
    Precrarying for going abroad
    1. Check whether the materials needed for abroad
    2. Luggage problem n Air China aircraft weight limit of 20 kilograms (including 15 kg of checked baggage, hand -in -hand, hand -in -hand, hand -in hand Luggage is 5 kg). The Russian Airlines aircraft is limited to 30 kg (including 25 kg of checked baggage and 5 kg of hand luggage), and a fine of overweight. Because it is very limited to be allowed to carry, it is necessary to choose things with choice.
    3. Border defense inspection
    After arriving at the Russian airport, you must queue up to the designated border defense entrance to wait for inspection. In the border inspection window, you must take the initiative to submit passports and visas to the border inspection personnel. When border inspectors complete the passport and visa inspection and verify the errors, they will leave the visa, and return to you after the passport is stamped and the date of signing. Essence
    This at this time, do not push away the door of your passport and visa immediately. Pay attention to checking whether the date on the passport is covered with an entry and signing. Once you find the problem, ask immediately and solve it on the spot.
    Con the border inspection, you have officially entered Russia.
    4. Check in customs procedures
    In entering Russia, you should immediately go to the conveyor belt of the "indicator label" that indicates the number of flights to find, extract your checked baggage, and then go to a customs declaration Single, fill in item by item.
    The items that should be noted when filling in the customs declaration form:
    (1) Russian customs's cameras and other electrical appliances brought by the Russian customs did not fill in the report in the customs declaration form, so they could not fill in.
    (2) Russian customs bring to the immigrants, and the foreign exchange management is strict, so you must truthfully fill in the amount of foreign exchange to avoid being detained and confiscated by foreign exchange.
    The inspection procedures for Russian Customs are quite cumbersome and strict. Do not bring items forbidden to bring international flights (the prohibited bands are marked on the air tickets); Fill in and fill in truthfully.
    In the customs declaration form, you can bring your luggage to the red channel to queue up to prepare for customs clearance. During customs clearance, you should hand over your passports, visas, air tickets (including baggage tickets), and leave the customs clearance order to customs staff. At the same time, put the luggage items carried on the port of the X -ray inspection machine for inspection. When the customs officer cannot confirm what a certain item in the luggage and luggage is through the X -ray inspection machine's fluorescent screen, he has the right to ask you to open the luggage and luggage for manual inspection.
    The inspection is completed, and the customs staff signed the signature and seal on the customs declaration form you filled in. So far, the customs clearance is completed. At this time, you must carefully check whether your passport, visa, air ticket, and customs declaration form are complete. In particular, pay attention to whether there is a signature and signing of Russian customs officers on the customs declaration form. You have to save the entry customs declaration form to departure.

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