pendants for jewelry making wholesale What is the diamond color grade table if you want to buy diamonds?

pendants for jewelry making wholesale

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  1. wholesale jewelry liquidators nyc The diamond color level table represents the level of diamond. The best level represents colorlessness. It has a little color, and the level will become worse and worse. For users who buy diamonds, they must understand this aspect to avoid when buying Dangdang deceived. The content of the diamond color level is introduced in detail below, you can pay more attention to it.
    The diamond color grade table from the best diamonds to the most colorful diamonds, usually divided into D, E, F, G, I, J, K, L, M, N, O,, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, X, Y, Z

    D, E, and F represented the color level of the diamond, which is the highest level among many diamonds, because it represents the representation Colorless. When we buy diamonds, if we want to buy better quality, we must first look at the transparency of diamonds. The higher the transparency of the diamond, the higher the diamond quality. Of course, the price is relatively high.

    g, H, I, J, the diamond level of the four letters, is close to colorless, and compared with higher quality without colorless diamonds, the color is not so translucent, but overall, overall, overall, overall, overall, overall, overall, overall, it is overall. It is also a good diamond. Of course, compared with better diamonds, the price will decline.

    K, L, and M. The color of the diamond is slightly yellow. When the diamond reaches this level, the quality of the diamond has fallen, because for many people who like diamonds, colorless It is the most perfect, and it is acceptable to colorless, but if the diamond you buy is slightly yellow, this means that this diamond quality is poor, and the price will decrease relatively.

    N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z and other letters represent the diamond color level of the diamond color level, which is light yellow, the entire diamond quality is the diamond. The worse ones can only be used as ordinary diamonds. No matter what kind of jewelry made, it is relatively low in terms of price, but some diamond necklaces, or diamond rings are suitable for some ordinary people, but they are usually used as a kind of type. It is just worn by jewelry and no collection value.

  2. edforce jewelry wholesale Colorless diamonds: Rare and high -quality diamonds are pure ice. Nearly colorless diamonds: no color, high quality. Micro -colored diamonds: The choice of moderate budget is very good with gold. Extremely pale diamonds: low budget options. Light -colored diamonds: Watching the naked eye is more obvious, it is not recommended to buy.

  3. toronto jewelry wholesale The diamond color level table is a color grading established according to the GIA of the American Gem Academy. The starting point in the table is "D" and the end point is "Z". China's appraisal standards are also formulated by a CIA diamond appraisal standard.

  4. wholesale tiffany jewelry china When buying diamonds, be sure to recognize the 4C standard of diamonds. According to color, clarity, cutting work and carat, the price of diamonds is different.

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