1 thought on “How to check how the available amount of JD.com is available?”

  1. 1. First open the Jingdong Shopping APP on the mobile phone, and then click the word "white bar" on this page.

    2, then click on the right side of the right side on this page frame.

    3, then you can see this JD account on this page The white bar is available.

    extension information:
    If no staging, Jingdong white bars can be delayed after 30 days, and will not generate it. Speed. The installment service can be selected in 3, 6, 12, and 24. The rate standard is 0.5%-1.2%, and the liquidated damage rate is 0.05%/day.
    A regard to the problem of white bars, you can get the amount package regularly, as well as irregular white bars. Maintain a good consumer repayment record, and you can also get the withdrawal reward.

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