1 thought on “Netease strictly selected Pro members of the PRO membership of 2500 what it means”

  1. Netease strictly selected PRO members' discount 2500 means that it can be discounting so much for membership.
    Nease is officially launched in April 2016. It is a newly loved lifestyle brand of Netease, covering home life, clothing, shoe, bags, gourmet and drinking, cleaning, maternal and child parent -child, sports outdoor, digital digital, digital digital, digital digital, digital digital, digital digital Home appliances and strict selection of 8 major categories in the world.
    Nease Selected the brand concept of "strict selection of good things and living with heart". Netease strictly adhering to NetEase's consistent rigorous attitude, deeply rooted in the world, and cooperated with the world's best -quality suppliers.
    Established in 2016, NetEase strictly started with a napkin towel with a good intention. Through simple, practical and comfortable aesthetic design, optimized product experience, brought a better life to 30 million new middle -class families. In the past five years, Netease has gradually developed from the new Chinese -class shopping platform and has developed into a new middle -class lifestyle brand, providing consumers with one -stop, full -class, and all -round beautiful life solutions.
    In 2021, Netease strictly selected a new brand life concept "Live what you like". Select the right to give yourself to yourself, live your favorite, the product continues the design concept of simplicity, bringing high -quality inspiration and good things to consumers, and realizing the lifestyle that everyone likes.

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