4 thoughts on “Who knows what necklaces can be more than 50 grams and do not lose color similar to gold like more than 1,000 fast money”

  1. 18K is good. 18K is good. The price is cheaper than pure gold
    Otherwise, it ’s better to buy silver. The younger generation seems to be silver. You can go to see or buy a special A imitation Tiffny chain. It is very fashionable for men. I bought several workmanship

  2. 18K gold can be used, it will not fade, but the color is lighter than pure gold.
    is also available for gold. The appearance of the appearance is still the same, and the inner core is not exposed.
    It if you want to be cheap, you can buy Yajin jewelry. The color and pure gold are close, and the color will not be faded. Asian gold materials are the excellent imitation materials that have been successfully developed in my country this year. Small than gold.

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