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  1. World brand

    Cartier (Paris, France in 1847)
    France Cartier, the top ten diamond ring wedding rings, was founded by Louis-François Cartier in 1847. Cartier is known by the British King Edward VII as the famous brand of "the emperor's jewelry dealer and the emperor of the jewelry dealer". It originated from the love of life and the heavens and the earth. Cartier created a series of jewelry. legend.
    Darry Ring (proposal diamond ring)
    was founded in the 1990s, proposing a diamond ring, a star brand under the Hong Kong Derry Jewelry Group. Darry Ring stipulates that each man can only buy one in his life. The only one for him to give him his favorite person, which means "the only true love for life". Buy with a men's ID card, each Darry Ring has the only encoding and identity card binding. With the men's ID number on the Darry Ring official website, you can check the exclusive true love page information.
    Levis LOVENUS
    Lovenus, founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong in the 1970s, has been focusing on the customization service of proposal diamond ring. "Lifetime will never give up", because of the sacred and romantic meaning of Levis, it has become the first brand of proposal diamond rings in countless lovers. It is the testimony of love, and it is the mark of true love for a lifetime.

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