The phenomenon of buying luxury goods is becoming more and more common. How do you think college students should establish the correct concept of consumption?

The current college students go out and wear all kinds of tide brands such as Nike and Puma. They also need to pursue "brand". In order to buy things, you can loan. Do you think this consumption view is normal? How to establish the correct concept of consumption?

5 thoughts on “The phenomenon of buying luxury goods is becoming more and more common. How do you think college students should establish the correct concept of consumption?”

  1. The current college students can be said to be a high -consumption crowd! For a living group without a fixed income, they eat at home, wearing the family, and spending at home. It can be said that they are used to having no money to ask them at home. In their opinion, expenses were naturally righteous.
    This spending money in college students can be said to have no correct consumption concept in their eyes. If college students have always been so impulsive consumption and blindly consumption, then it is definitely not a good for them In my opinion, we must consume correctly, actively reduce this indifferent consumption. We must understand what to buy and what should not be bought. It must be rational to form a reasonable consumption concept. The consumption behavior should understand the hardship of making money. Your current money is given by parents. The medicine should reduce the burden on the family. If you want to spend money, you can do some part -time jobs in college. After all, the time of college is still very loose. of.
    The college students must consume according to their own conditions. Do not follow the trend blindly. You also buy a brand brand when you buy a brand name. Do you not shake for the famous brand you wear? If you eat the amount of stomach, you can weigh yourself.

  2. Many of the consumption concepts of college students are particularly malformed, because I am still a college student, just to put it simply, I feel strange.
    The first one is that you have to wear hungry. There are many people who live in second -tier cities and live for 1,55 a month, but in order to be able to go out to have face, they often buy those fake Putian shoes, one pair of two or three hundred, and then the clothes are high imitation those who are high imitation. Tide cards, so one month of shoes and two clothes for half a month will spend half a month of living. This month will save money and spend it. I think this is not worth it. Why? Just wear it comfortably, why do you want to pretend to be a big tail wolf?
    The second type is that there is no money in the family, but it still has to waste money on useless things.
    has a classmate who is very tight at home. My brother has a serious illness. He basically has no money at home, but in order to prevent him from living too poorly, he also gives about 1,88 a month, but he is one month, but he is one month or so, but he is one month or so, but he is one month or so, but he is one month or so, but he has he Parents are actually very hard. It may be as easy as other parents to give him this living expenses, but if he, buy a down jacket for 1,2 thousand, the remaining hundreds of pieces are not enough to find parents, he can hear him, he can hear him, and he can hear him. Parents are particularly helpless, but they are still given. I feel that this outlook on consumption is incorrect. Don't compare with others if you have bad economic conditions.
    In the correct consumption concept can never be completed overnight. It is necessary to take your time to learn to consume, consume moderately, and do not blindly compare.

  3. College students, if they are the second generation of rich, buying luxury goods is normal. After all, it has this ability, which is understandable! If you are just a person from a general family, can you afford it? What should I do if I can't afford it? Are you looking for campus loans? You will fall into a new trap.
    The premise of college students is still a student, but it is older, but it is only an adult. That's it! Studying well is still the value orientation in the university. Studying well is still a good choice. If you put your energy on your own, then your studies will be affected. In case of failure, you must make up for the test! As a student, it is a shame.
    The second college students are to participate in social practice. After all, the road is to enter the society. It is also necessary to prepare for it in advance. It should also be better.
    The comparison behavior of college students is mainly caused by their own goals. It should be a down -to -earth study, which is the main door.

  4. I think the consumption concept of college students should be rational consumption and does not compare.
    This college students, in addition to the high consumption of high family conditions, it doesn't matter, but there are many family conditions, but they also pursue fashion and brand names and have comparison psychology. Just like a pair of AJs, some students are willing to shrink their clothes, sacrifice other necessary expenses, and even some people will borrow money from others to satisfy their desires.
    But there are actually social reasons for such blind consumption and comparison. In recent years, the values ​​of consumerism have gradually risen in our society, which will definitely affect college students.
    So I think college students must not be affected by the impetuousness of society. Learn to work hard, consume rationally, and learn it in person. Don't lose yourself for the so -called face.

  5. In this society, college students, as an embarrassing existence, have a helpless view of college students. I think there are two reasons why college students form this kind of consumption concept. First, the current college students are the only children at home, and the parents of the parents cannot see the children's suffering, so everything is given to the children the best. Frozen to a little. It is really such a spoiled and raised, so that the current college students have not formed the correct concept. Second, I think it is related to the great atmosphere of the present society. With the rapid and diverse business development in recent years, college students will not be able to control themselves in the face of all kinds of products, not to mention Consumption, everyone often forms comparison. I think college students should treat others and themselves correctly. Don't blindly compare, your own spending will form a planned consumption concept within your own economic scope.

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