1 thought on “Is there a difference between platinum, rose gold and gold?”

  1. Both rose gold and platinum refer to 18K gold, but they are different in color. Rose gold is composed of 75%gold and 15%of rose elements. Platinum is composed of 75%gold and 15%of white elements. These two types of wearing will darker, or even change color, and need to be plated. Generally, Platinum is a little plating. The style of rose gold is more fashionable and suitable for people with white skin. The platinum style does not have so many requirements. It is better to choose.
    But you are 3 gold for your girlfriend. I suggest you buy platinum (PT950) or gold or diamond jewelry. It will be better to buy a diamond ring for the woman if you want to get married.
    It if you choose platinum, you can also buy a pair of couples, which is better.
    The I hope you can choose satisfactory accessories.

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