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  1. Ding: Generally, it is a round belly, standing ears, three feet, a few are square, four -foot, Ding ear can wear bars or hooks. Dingyuan is a cooking device created by humans, which is used to cook meat. The earliest real objects that are currently seen are the pottery bowl -shaped tripods unearthed from the Hebei Ancian Mountain and the Neolithic Times site. The slave society has become the most important ritual. Different tripods have different fields, thus forming a set of Ding system. There are three categories of Ding: one is the Ding Ding, which is used to cook the animal and fish, and the Ding Ding. The famous mother -in -law Wu Ding is the representative of the Ding Ding. The second type of Ding is to set up food, saying that Zhengding is the same, and some scholars are named Sheng Ding. The main functional use is the cooked meat that is cooked. The third category is shame, also known as the accompanying tripod. It is made of animal and beast meat as the main ingredients. The meat and the meat in the pornographic meat are not tasteless, so you need to blend the juice with shame in the shame when eating. The higher the ruler’s status, the higher the specifications of the tripod. In terms of the shape of Ding, the late Shang and Zhou dynasties are so similar. From the late Western Zhou Dynasty to the spring and autumn, most of them are round bottoms, ears, and hoof feet. Jin Guo took the lead in creating a new style of bronze. The diversification of tripod -type in the late spring and autumn. After the middle of the Warring States Period, it was generally attached to the ears of the plain face until Qin and Han.

  2. Plastic gift reflective treatment:
    If the effect is not high, simply handle the method: put the white paper around the object, leave the lens, pay attention to the light spots during shooting.
    The control of the light spots is extremely important in the shooting of reflector products, and often determines the success or failure of shooting.
    The conditions of the light spots are high -light areas formed by the light of the reflective body product on it, and the orientation reflection. Therefore, the higher the smoothness of the subject, the increase in the number of light spots; the surface structure of the subject is complicated, the edges and corners, and the more the light spots will be broken.
    The main method of controlling and adjusting the light spots is to use soft light and large soft light sources as the main light to form a main light spots; It can be determined by the situation. The light spots should be tidy or broken. The more flat the surface structure, the light spots should form a reflex surface from the top to the lower body on its surface, not just a local light block. This requires a large area of ​​light boxes or fog lights, and the shape of the light source will also affect the shape of the light spots. For example, a slender spots are needed on the wine bottle. This must be used as a main light box with a rectangular light box. For example, the light box of 0.7×1.4, 0.9×1.6 meters is very practical. The position of the light spots is usually on the side or front of the subject, and the light spots near the edge of the subject also play a role in outline. The adjustment of the light spots only needs to move the light position. The light box lighting angle is mostly higher than the horizontal angle. Use sulfuric acid paper instead of the soft light box can also produce light spots. The shape of the light spots can be tailored with sulfate.
    In shooting reflector products, some people also use the method of reducing the brightness of the subject, such as spraying the brightest parts with the light wax, gently wipe the bright place with oil gray putty. In fact, changing the lightness of the reflector is not a good way, which is not good for showing its smooth texture, so this is only a last resort.
    In short, the amount of light spots, form, lightness, position, and size depends on the amount of light sources, shapes, brightness, light levels, area, and the shape of the subject.
    This to shoot reflux body and semi -anti -light bodies need to be placed in a completely isolation or semi -isolation state, and use uniform soft light as the main light to control the appropriate light spots. Affairs. The meticulous texture description is the soul of its successful shooting.

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