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  1. How to choose a diamond ring?

    1. Make a good budget for the diamond ring.

    before choosing a diamond ring, new people should have their own budget. If the budget is several thousand, they can choose a smaller one when choosing a diamond ring; If the budget is tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, you can choose a large diamond ring like one carat

    2. The quality of a diamond ring depends on the quality of the diamond 4C

    the key to the quality of a diamond ring is the diamond 4C, that is, the weight, color, clarity and cut of the diamond. The weight unit of diamonds is carat. One carat is equal to 0.2g. Diamond rings of one carat and above are more expensive, at least tens of thousands. Generally, we can buy diamond rings of 30 points and 50 points. The colors of diamonds are from D to Z. the diamond with D is the most transparent and the price is relatively high. There are FL, LC, VVS, vs, Si and I levels of diamond cleanliness. Generally, Si and above are selected. There are five levels of diamond cutting: ideal cutting (Ex), very good cutting (VG), good cutting (g), general cutting (f) and poor cutting (poor). A diamond ring with ideal cutting level looks more dazzling

    3. Ring support material

    platinum diamond ring: fashionable and generous, simple and atmospheric design, platinum metal color can perfectly set off the diamond luster; Platinum is pure in nature and will never fade, just like love that has been tempered by time; Moreover, platinum is known as "love metal", which is matched with the diamond, which symbolizes pure and flawless love, with a more romantic and profound meaning

    18K Gold Diamond Ring: the colors are rich and varied, and different ring colors can set off different skin tones; 18K gold has high hardness and can be firmly inlaid with large carat diamonds. At the same time, it can also be competent for some more complicated style designs and will not easily drop the diamonds; In terms of price, if other aspects are the same, 18K gold diamond ring is cheaper than platinum diamond ring

    4. Style selection

    depending on the type of hand, personality and preference, different styles will show different visual effects. It is recommended to try them on before buying. When choosing a diamond ring, if you want to use it as a wedding proposal diamond ring, you can choose some expensive styles; If it is to be used as a wedding ring, you can choose a more durable ring style, because some simple and generous ring styles can withstand the test of time and will not be easily outdated

    5. Brand selection

    generally, the higher the brand awareness, the more expensive the price is. Especially for internationally famous brands, you can consider the brand culture, popularity, technology and other aspects when buying rings

    6. Pay attention to identification

    diamonds will last forever. Don't suffer losses because of improper purchase. Therefore, when selecting diamond rings, you must remember to ask for certificates and invoices and keep them for after-sales service. The diamond ring shall be purchased with professional identification certificate. It is generally issued by the national gemstone quality supervision and Inspection Center (NGTC diamond classification certificate) and also the most authoritative and top-level appraisal issued by the gemstone Institute of America (GIA)

    7. Pay attention to after-sales

    don't think that buying a desirable diamond ring will be all right. Be sure to ask about the after-sales service details. For example, when buying a diamond ring, you must ask about the problems such as diamond falling off and repairing, life-long free renovation, cleaning, and repair size, and confirm the after-sales service certificate

  2. Teach you how to choose wedding diamond rings

    buying wedding rings may be the first time for many girls to buy real jewelry for themselves. Here I would like to introduce some issues that should be paid attention to when buying jewelry, so as to help you choose the favorite wedding ring. You should know that it is an eternal witness of your love

    first, what kind of metal base to choose
    for thousands of years, gold and silver have been the most precious metals. At any time, in any country and region, these two kinds of things are hard currency with collection value and can be used as currency. So up to now, many people still regard them as the main material of the wedding ring base. However, in recent years, platinum, as a more precious and beautiful metal, has sprung up and swept the world, and its sales volume in stores has also jumped to the first. Moreover, the hardness of platinum is higher, and the diamond is not easy to fall off. The ring rest materials include g750 and platinum, and the price of platinum is nearly twice that of g750. It is often said that pt950 and PT900 represent 95% and 90% platinum content, while g750 represents 18 K gold, that is, 75% gold content
    in addition, there are two kinds of alloys that are very popular abroad recently, namely, white gold and red gold. Both of these alloys add a small amount of other metals to the gold, and their color is more bright, bright and uniform than that of gold. There is also a kind of flower gold, which is woven or twisted into different colors and patterns with different colors of alloys. It is not only beautiful and generous, but also highlights personality and has great value for collection

    the purity of gold is generally measured by "K". The greater the number of "K", the higher the purity. 24 K gold is the full gold. Under normal circumstances, the material of the base is not 24 K gold, because the full gold is very soft, easy to wear and break, and the gems are easy to fall off. Therefore, most of the rings sold in the market are 18K gold, which has higher hardness and can meet the use conditions as a base. In the European and American countries, the most popular bottom bracket is even the 14 karat gold which is despised in our country because of its high hardness. 14K gold rings can be worn for more than 50 years and remain the same. Therefore, the wedding anniversary of the elderly in the west is called "golden wedding"

    Second, when buying diamonds, you should pay attention to "4C"
    Western proverbs say that "diamonds are the best friends of girls". In China, there is also a saying that "diamonds are eternal and one will be handed down forever". Although many people also choose other jewelry as engagement rings, such as ruby, emerald or pearl, diamond rings are the most fashionable choice at present. When selecting diamonds, pay attention to the "four Cs": cut - cut, clarity - clarity, color - color and carat - carat
    cut - cutting: the cutting of diamonds is extremely important and directly affects the value of diamonds. Only the standard cutting method can show its bright light and achieve the perfect combination of clarity and color. The cut diamond is generally a sphere or a cone. There are many shapes in the section, such as square, rectangle, hexagon, circle and ellipse, but the most popular one is simple hexagon. Its many sections can better show the light of diamonds
    according to the grade, it is expressed as follows:
    signature ideal / hearts and arrows (the so-called eight arrows and eight hearts, the best cutting) H

  3. The selection of diamond rings mainly depends on the diamond 4C, and then the brand, style, material, price, moral and so on
    1. Diamond ring material
    gold, 18K gold, platinum, these three kinds of metal materials are commonly used in today's ring holders. Gold rings represent wealth, 18K Gold represents fashion, and platinum represents loyalty
    2. Diamond size
    the ring also needs to be inlaid with diamonds. A diamond of 20 points is too small as the main stone of the ring, and a diamond of 40-50 points is relatively better, provided that you have prepared enough funds for this. But it is difficult to make a deep impression. A diamond of 70 points or 1 carat can make your girlfriend more excited. It's not completely vanity. Every woman wants to have a big diamond, right
    3. Diamond color
    the color of diamonds is usually white. It is difficult for most people to distinguish between two similar grades through the naked eye. Therefore, we mostly determine the color of diamonds through the diamond classification certificate. Colorless diamonds are more valuable than yellowish diamonds, and their quality is generally better. Diamonds of lower color levels should not be selected as far as possible. A slight yellow color is bound to lack aesthetic feeling
    4. Diamond cutting
    the cutting of diamond is the only one in 4C standard that can be manually corrected, which involves the luster of beautiful rings. Cutting is the most important factor. Some diamond certificates do not record the cutting level. At this time, it is necessary to rely on the reputation of the merchants who buy the rings. Therefore, try to select certificates with cutting level, such as GIA rings. An excellent cut diamond can reflect more brilliant fire colors and attract people's attention
    5. Wearing comfort
    the importance of comfort is more important than anything else for a wedding ring that you wear throughout your life. The comfort of wearing is related to the size of the ring finger ring. The standard of the ring finger ring size is called the hand inch, which is calculated by the number. There are Hong Kong style and American style, and Hong Kong style is mostly used in China. Most people's hand size is between 4 and 26. You can go to the jewelry store to ask the clerk or the official website of the jewelry brand to help you measure your hand size through online customer service. You can measure it with a simple method
    6. Looking at the brand
    can make us find a different meaning in life, which is very moving. We all want to bring more positive energy to ourselves. However, sometimes, before proposing marriage, we hear how expensive the diamond ring is, which will make us feel at a loss. In this way, it will make us feel disoriented. In fact, as long as you find a suitable brand, This will better understand the price, and will not make you seem so disoriented
    7. Look at the moral
    in fact, we can't just look at the price of a thing when we buy it. We should look at whether such a thing is very valuable. Sometimes, when we accidentally find such a special pleasure, we will make life more perfect. For example, the Levi's diamond ring, which only gives one person a lifetime, needs to be customized by real name. The idea of giving one person a lifetime has touched many lovers and left a romantic feeling in women's minds. In fact, the most important thing to choose a diamond ring is sincerity. There is no inevitable relationship between the size of the diamond or the price of the diamond ring. Of course, a luxurious diamond ring is the icing on the cake. It is generally recommended to order a diamond ring with 30-50 points, and the budget is about 8000-30000.

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