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  1. Established in 2007, Ren Qiuju Tayelong is a regional branch in Hebei Province. Jutailong is a high -tech Chinese -foreign cooperative enterprise dedicated to comprehensively reducing the cost of home decoration and providing you with the entire case design and service. The registered capital is 110 million yuan. With the independent development of visual design and home configuration service system (HDS system), the company has established a customer -centered, Jutairon as a platform, decorative company, materials production by the effective integration of decoration companies, home goods manufacturers and customer resources. Manufacturers, accessories manufacturers, and furniture manufacturers are new home decoration models for the Internet.
    Since the establishment of the company in April 2O2, the company has established 15 points/subsidiaries and more than 180 service stores in 19 provinces and cities nationwide in 19 provinces and cities in 19 provinces and cities across the country. People have established cooperative alliance relations with more than 200 well -known manufacturers at home and abroad, bringing together more than 20,000 home products. The "wedding house" and "new home" series of "wedding houses" and "new homes" launched by the company have provided tens of millions of consumers in China with wonderful personalized choices, truly make up for market gaps, meet the market consumer demand, realize the realization of market consumption demand, realize the realization The desire to relax and stay in the bag.
    looking forward to the future, Jutairon will rely on the international management platform to carry out comprehensive international collaboration, and use the good technical, knowledge, resources and capital advantages of Hostelson to promote the promotion of the new home decoration model advocated by the company And applications, and actively improve the service system on the basis of existing, further expand market share, enhance the brand's popularity, reputation, and loyalty, and ensure that the company achieves the strategic goal of listing in 2012.

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