Application range and basic introduction of HDPE irrigation pipe

As we all understand, our lives are inseparable from water, and the growth of various food crops and agricultural and sideline products are also inseparable from water. How do we make full use of precious water resources? How do we make crops completely absorb water without waste? That calls for a kind of irrigation delivery tool: tubing.

Therefore, various tools and irrigation methods are used for farmland irrigation, as well as various types of pipe materials. HDPE pipe fitting suppliers would like to introduce PE irrigation pipe, which is the most commonly used and useful irrigation tool.

The pressure range of our commonly used PE irrigation pipe is between 0.6-1.6MPa, the color is mostly black or white, and the material is high-density polyethylene, namely HDPE pipe.

This kind of pipe is made of high-density polyethylene as the main raw material by extrusion molding process. It has extraordinary flexibility and excellent scratch resistance. It can be connected by a hot melt welding machine and is especially convenient to use.

In addition, PE field irrigation pipe also has excellent corrosion resistance and impact resistance, great strength, not easy to break, and the construction is more convenient. The welding process is simple, effectively reducing the cost of the entire project, profoundly respected by the majority of agricultural personnel.

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