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  1. indian gold jewelry wholesale Many friends have been packaged into a high cottage coin, and many friends have seen in their lives. They are issued in accordance with the world -renowned Bitcoin and Ethereum, collectively referred to as cottage coins. Many people will try to sell various cottage coins for everyone. After you buy it, you will be rich for a while. At the same time, these cottage coins have a desperate relationship with blockchain technology.
    does, with the continuous promotion of blockchain technology, many people think that digital currency is a blockchain and a blockchain is digital currency. In fact, many of the digital currencies packaged in tall are all previous funds, killing pigs and fraud, and replaced with a new layer of coat.
    The current cottage currency basically quotes the open source code of Ethereum, which is a little modified. Many technical solutions that specialize in the issuance of cottage are provided on the Internet. From white paper to code debugging, it only takes a few weeks, and the cost ranges from tens of thousands to millions. They are all technical solutions, and the code is modified at most according to customer needs.
    The is high in various packaging of the cottage coins, claiming that he is a blockchain 3.0, blockchain 4.0, and blockchain 5.0. Studying the blockchain, if it is so easy to be applied to reality, why are these giants not announced earlier?
    The digital currency recognized by digital currencies worldwide in the world is only a few. For example, the most well -known is "Bitcoin", English is Bitcoin. It is the representative of digital currency. At present, many transfer transactions use "Bitcoin". For another example, many gray transactions that do not want to be found to be found, such as drugs, funds, funds, and corruption money, arms transactions, smuggling, etc., all use "Bitcoin" in a large scale worldwide. Many countries, such as Brazil, have depreciated more than half of the currency, so many Brazilians will exchange the Brazilian currency in their hands to "Bitcoin", so that at least the wealth that protects their own wealth will not shrink.
    "Bitcoin" is currently the first universal digital currency in the world. You have a online wallet. If you go abroad, as long as you have "Bitcoin" in your wallet, you can sell Or other worlds reserve currency and live in the local area, so many corrupt officials will buy their wealth as "Bitcoin" before they flee. However, including "Bitcoin" and the "Ethereum" that we want to talk about immediately, these digital currencies have a problem, that is, skyrocketing and plunge.
    So bring two related questions:
    1. If you go to hype this currency, then it will definitely rise and fall. If you buy and sell the motherboard stock, it will rise by 10%per day. Is the lower limit. However, digital currencies are not. It will occur hundreds of times directly, and it will occur hundreds of times directly. To put it bluntly, it is the international stock market dealer. There is no digital currency dealer fierce and brutal, and most people can't play them. Many classmates just want to surge hundreds of times a night and get rich. You did not expect to plummet hundreds of times the family. The reason why you can not play with the international dealer is that you often see a few hundred times soaring. You are very happy. When you want to sell it, you will fall into an instant. Life often likes to play so much.
    2. Because the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed and plummeted, it is also risky to use them as asset reserves. For example, before you go abroad, Bitcoin 200,000 yuan, you feel enough. As a result, when you have to use money abroad, at this time, you may just fall 50,000 yuan. At this time, if you are anxious to use the money, you will sell it according to 50,000 pieces, and you will lose 150,000. This is the problem. Essence
    It after Bitcoin, let's talk about another digital currency recognized by the world -Ethereum, English is ETH. A large number of digital currency applications are now based on ETH. Therefore, in the field of digital currencies, it is recognized that valuable, it can be said that only Bitcoin and Ethereum.
    Is ask everyone a question. If you issue a currency, you can recognize your currency at most 100 people on the dozen of your family and use your currency. Do you think your currency takes out your family and use this currency to buy materials and assets. Will outsiders recognize it? Then if your currency is expanded to 1,000 people recognized, then you can go to these currencies and go to these 1,000 people for transactions?
    RMB is the government's credit guarantee and forced all Chinese citizens to recognize. Can your cottage coin reach this level? The answer is certainly not. So we have said that the value of currency is actually a consensus of people, so we say that currency is endorsement of government credit, forced everyone to use, that is, forced you to produce consensus.
    Cur currency icons in various countries
    It friends asked, I do n’t need to use the various cottage coins I bought to truly exchange materials. I only need to buy it, and then wait for it to skyrocket, I sell it. Then let's continue to analyze the risk of this idea. We know that if the citizens holding this currency are truly social wealth, such as you produce a machine, he made a meal for everyone, and she was a haircut for everyone. These are real social wealth and social services, so the corresponding ones will be valuable and will slowly become valuable.
    But the various cottage coins, the victims gathered from the society, in addition to the currency, in addition to the new victims entered the market, what additional contributions did they make, making this currency more valuable? The answer is that there is no contribution. Therefore, the only reason for the rise of various altoscopic coins is that there are new victims entering the venue, and they just raised their prices. Can that cottage coin, can its brainwashing ability continue to infinite? Will there be constant victims to enter the venue and raise its price? No, there is always an upper limit.
    . As long as there are no new victims entering the market, the price no longer raises the price, and it will fall. At that time, the money you invested was miserable and was set. And it still plummeted, and it can plunge in a few minutes, so you are too late to run. This is normal, a little conscience cottage. Now more, it ’s more to lie to you to pay the money, lie to you to continue pulling in to give you a reward, and then the cottage coins do n’t even raise the price, and you will run directly.
    The friends thought, I am smart, I run when I earn. But just like the trading mentality we have always emphasized, if you see the cottage you bought, you can directly increase by 10 or even 100 times. Your investment of 1,000 yuan will become 10,000 yuan or even 100,000 yuan. It becomes 100,000 yuan or even 1 million yuan. Are you willing to run at this time? We don't want to detect our human nature.
    . The other is the most common. The skyrocketing and plunge you see is all showed to you by a scammer. You said that I won't play, I want to sell withdrawal. Sorry, no door, scammers will find all kinds of excuses to prevent you from selling withdrawals, because they need them to pay for you so that they will not. They either ask you to pull more victims, or let you continue to recharge the purchase, or you can't help but keep inquiring, and they will run directly.
    last time a friend said that he invested 200,000 and saw the book earning 2 million. I told him directly and brought these 2 million. She was extracted, and she couldn't propose it.
    I Hong, you can use Baidu -Baidu Information: "Jade Red Three o'clock". Who is this jade red? Before doing games, his company was called Qiyou, doing a good job in web games. He was acquired by a large listed company. Yu Hong became the vice president of this company. Then left and issued a cottage, called XMX. Because cutting leeks cut too hard, it became a mouse crossing. From the vice president of the listed company to the street crossing the street, it is because the harvest of leeks is too ruthless.
    The blockchain community he had established before is called three o'clock, but it is amazing. The Chinese blockchain is all there, such as Xue Manzi, Xu Xiaoping, Li Xiaolai. So at the time he issued a cottage coin, called XMX. As soon as this coin was issued, everyone felt that this person's previous resume was so glorious, and he was a blockchain big man, and he laughed with Xu Xiaoping. Do you still need to think, buy it, buy it! As a result, it's a cup!
    We after we talk about various cottage coins, we say that there are a few regular digital currencies -Bitcoin and Ethereum. On September 30, 2017, all digital asset trading platforms in China have completely stopped all trading business. Therefore, now it can only be used to buy digital currencies on exchanges on foreign servers through a series of special means, and it also belongs to the gray area.
    For example, the most famous Chinese established three major data currency funds, Huobi, Binance, Okcoin, they are now set up in Singapore, namely to provide services to those who speculate in currency all over the world, so they can still be still able working normally. Since it is a foreign company, there is a problem with our trading transactions. Is it useful to find the Chinese government? Of course it is useless. It can be seen that even if Bitcoin and Ethereum, before investing, you must carefully study and weigh yourself. Whether you have this tolerance and then invest. In fact, we directly Baidu- "The Congzhong family is broken", and we can see a lot of shocking cases.
    Conclusion: Friends must always remember -don't know not to vote. You do n’t know. You must be cut to play. People will never earn money other than cognition. Even if you make it, you will make you losing.

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