1 thought on “Watching CCTV live broadcast software is the best”

  1. Seeing CCTV's live broadcast software is better:
    1, CCTV new audiovisual. CCTV's new audiovisual aggregation of CCTV, Tencent Video and many high -quality content, CCTV's popular information, dramas, party, and documentaries are exhausted. Tencent's latest film and television and variety shows are the first to watch, creating personalized and intelligent audiovisual service experience for smart TV users. In terms of specific columns, users can watch the CCTV columns such as news webcasts, New TV Audiovisual, Chaoshi World, Oriental Time and Space, Cross -Strait Cross -Strait, etc., and they can also choose to watch CCTV1 Comprehensive/CCTV2 Finance/CCTV3 variety shows. content.
    2, cable TV APP. Cable TV is the official live broadcast application of Radio and Television. It provides live broadcast services for smart TV users through cable TV virtual special networks, and the content of genuine programs is widely covered, covering many channels such as satellite TV. Incontinue statistics, cable TVs include CCTV 1-12, CCTV 16, Hunan Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Shanghai Oriental Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Beijing Satellite TV, Liyuan, Beijing Winter Documentary, Housekeeping, Fans and other CCTV/Satellite TV/Professional Channel content content Essence
    3, newtv aurora. NewTV Aurora is developed from TV TV development in the future, and the Tencent Video TV version is an independent TV video software APP. In addition to watching movie viewing everyday, NewTV Aurora will also launch live services at major nodes. After the user enters the newTV aurora, you can directly enter the live page to watch.

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