linen jewelry bags wholesale Demystify the truth about how the company's zero -cost financing of business acceptance bills

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  1. gem and jewelry wholesale to the public There are three levels of financing: cost financing, zero -cost financing, and profitability.
    The account receivables have risen year by year, and it has become a heavy burden on SMEs
    In from the data publicly publicly, the balance of accounts receivable of industrial enterprises in my country at the end of 2017 was 13.48 trillion yuan. 2016 At the end of the year, the balance of accounts receivable of industrial enterprises in my country was 1.258 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.5%year -on -year. From the perspective of the end of the annual balance of account receivables in industrial enterprises in the country in the past 5 years, the balance of each year has increased.
    The reasons for the high account receivables caused by the enterprise. First, some enterprises abuse the advantages in the industrial chain in which they are located. In order to ensure the realization of this year's business goals, they play "financial technology" and "the company has no money" "Financial auditing" and "quality problems" can be dragged to drag, long -term accommodation suppliers' funds; second, some companies adopt their sales behaviors blindly in order to expand sales; "The way to make money" is delayed and occupied by various means, so as to compress the discount of the debtor or the old account of the aging, in order to "fish a stroke" from it.
    Cocritical receivables have risen year by year, which has become a heavy burden on many small and medium -sized enterprises. Some accounts receivables exceed half of the total assets of the enterprise. In order to "grind your mouth" and "running your legs" in order to debt. Because the account receivables occupy the corporate funds, these SMEs have to borrow debt to the bank, which objectively aggravates the pressure on the company's repayment interest. Pushing the entire macro leverage.
    This to solve the current situation of high accounts receivable and reduce the cost of corporate financing. Structural reforms need to be carried out from the currency supply side, starting from accelerating the speed of corporate funds turnover. To this end, the State Council recently proposed to use financial instruments to vigorously develop and develop vigorously. Accounts receivable financing.
    Mrementing bills, less currency
    In in the process of commodity transaction, whether it is adopting a prepaid or receivable method, as long as the funds payment form is generated, the corresponding capital cost will be generated, but the cost of funds is only the cost of funds. It is only different from the undertakers; if you really want to reduce the cost of the capital of the transaction, the only credit transaction is introduced, so it is necessary to seek appropriate financial instruments and transaction mechanisms to convert monetary capital transactions into credit transactions.
    Make in the construction of my country's credit system is one of the reasons why the company's account receivables are high. Therefore, solving the problem of account receivables of enterprises, it is necessary to establish credit tools and build a credit environment.
    F following the first -generation financing instrument -bank loan, the second -generation financing instrument -corporate credit bonds, e -commerce acceptance bills have the characteristics of electronic money and Internet functions, and have the characteristics of the credit environment. The issuer can be an e -commerce acceptance bill as a prepayment tool to achieve zero -cost financing and become the third -generation financing tool.
    The credit environment of the historical redemption information recorded by the e -commerce bill system (ECDS) has an effective constraint and recognition of the default of bill debtor; the bills are custody by ECDS and can be transferred in the market. The receivable party can issue an e -commerce acceptance bill to apply for acceptance from the buyer with high trustworthiness. With the high funding of the acceptance person, the holder can directly transfer the payment and pay the electronic currency function; In the bank's credit to the bank to apply for a destruction from the bank's credit or the creditor's credit, it will continue to transfer and pay the e -commerce acceptance bill, but the financing cost of discounting transactions can also be provided; Cashback and other financing; thereby accelerating the capital turnover and reducing capital costs of all parties to the transaction, and resolving the contradiction between the transfers to pay.
    lable to zero -cost financing model
    Mo central enterprise is a general contracting company of the important national equipment industry. It occurs tens of billions of yuan each year. Enterprises are affected by accounts receivable. A joint -stock bank's Shanghai Acting Action The central enterprise designed the e -commerce acceptance bill as a payable tool, with its own credit, and applied to the payment at all levels in the project chain. Business ticket -electronic currency model (see attached picture). When the receipt party is willing to accept the issuer to pay the prepaid with the e -commerce acceptance bill, the issuer will achieve zero -cost financing;
    and so on, when every back hand in the project chain agrees to accept the transfer When this e -commerce acceptance bill, it means that it saves all the financing costs of all the fronts; if the bill has been in an endorsement state within the validity period, the e -commerce bill will exert the credit and payment function of the electronic currency. Realize the zero -cost financing of all payment parties on the entire supply chain; if the owner needs monetary funds, it can make a factoring financing of the commercial factoring company within the central enterprise group, or apply for a bank that gives the credit ticket guarantee. Withdrawal of bills, discounted banks can repost the e -commerce tickets in the interbank market and re -discount financing.
    The payer's own credit -e -commerce ticket -transfer payment -electronic currency model, the payer does not need to pay the cost of interest, but only reflects its own credit value, and if each electric ticket is paid on schedule, it will be paid on scheduled, and it will be paid on schedule. The credit records of the ECDS system can also increase the credit of the payer; the holder can use the high funding trust of the notes to pay the payment of e -commerce tickets in the market. In line with the "Pareto Optical Law" in economics, the principle of optimizing resource allocation and strive to create the greatest benefit at the minimum cost.
    In this plan was implemented, while the central enterprise achieved zero -cost financing of billions of dollars in financing, and resolved the accounts receivable of subsequent supply chain SMEs. Traditional account receivables -commercial invoices -factoring financing model can only solve one receivable account, and an e -commerce bill may solve all accounts receivables on the entire supply chain. Therefore, with the credit replacement credit of notes, and the use of electronic bills as payment tools, it will be an inevitable development trend to solve the problem of account payable. Under the new normal of the central bank and commercial banks in the new normal of foreign exchange funds, we should use multiple bills and less currency innovative concepts to continuously improve the credit environment of e -commerce bills, and guide enterprises to use e -commerce bills as payment and receivables. The active enterprise has received accounts receivable and accelerated the turnover of monetary funds.
    In a credit society, all the highly credible enterprises can use e -commerce tickets -transfer payment -electronic currency model to achieve zero -cost financing with their own credit value. Of course, the necessary conditions outside All the rear hands have a electric ticket account. This is just like most people's mobile phones have both SMS channels and WeChat channels, but he will find that using WeChat channels in a WiFi environment is more economical, but its prerequisite is that the information receiver must have WeChat accounts. According to the current progress, after about three or four years, the corporate vote account will be popularized. Each company will have a settlement account for monetary funds settlement and a vote account settlement. The cost of funds is lower.
    The business acceptance bills for buying and buying both parties have different practices
    1. For the seller's enterprise, when you receive the business acceptance bill issued by the other party, from the perspective of short -term financing demand, you can use this to use this. You can use this. Zhang Commercial Acceptance Bank applied for a bill for the bank.
    In in nature, it is equivalent to using this commercial acceptance bill for mortgage and obtain a pledge loan from the bank; the difference is that the bank interest rate at this time is lower than the normal short -term bank loan interest rate. Especially when your loan amount exceeds the bank's loan amount and cannot continue to obtain loans from the bank, it is not limited by the loan limit through a commercial acceptance bill.
    2. How can commercial acceptance bills raise for buyers? First of all, you find a company with a good relationship, and the two parties will issue a commercial acceptance bill. After the other party gets the business acceptance bill you issued, as it is introduced above, go to the bank to apply for the bill post, get cash, and then hand it over to you. In this way, the purpose of indirect financing is achieved.
    Therefore, the popularization of e -commerce bills will have a significant impact on the financing pattern of the real economy in the future, and reduce financing costs due to the embodiment of commercial credit value.

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