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  1. thailand wholesale jewelry market BBS is the abbreviation of the forum
    BBS is the English Bulletin Board System. It is translated into Chinese as an "electronic cloth notice board system" or "electronic publicity card system". BBS is an electronic information service system. It provides users with a public electronic whiteboard. Each user can publish information or put forward views on it. Early BBS was managed by education institutions or research institutions. Now most websites have established their own BBS systems for netizens Come and make more friends and express more ideas

    Electronic announcement board
    English abbreviations are BBS
    bbs is the abbreviation of English Bulletin Board System, that is, the electronic publicity card, which is Internet A kind of electronic information service system. It provides a public electronic whiteboard, and each user can write on it, which can publish information or put forward views. Traditional electronic announcement board (BBS) is an Internet application based on the Telnet protocol, which is largely different from the well -known Web super media application. It proposes a BBS system implementation method based on CGI (general gateway interface) technology, and and and and and also proposes. Through the operation of the website.

    The electronic announcement board is an online service system that published and exchange information, which can make more users meet in a simple terminal in a simple terminal, so as to obtain cheap cheaper. Rich information, and provide their members with opportunities and space for online conversations, release messages, discussions, transmission documents, learning communication, and games.

    Prior to the Internet (Internet), in the middle of the 1980s, it began to appear dial -based BBS networks based on modifiers and telephone line communication.

    In the popularity of the Internet network, dialing the BBS and BBS networks have gradually withered, and there are few left. Most of the current BBS sites are based on Internet's Telnet protocol. On the server side, Maple BBS or Firebird BBS system is used. The user side logs in to the server through Telnet software such as Netterm, CTERM, FTERM, etc., read and publish articles, send emails, and upload download data files by simulating ZMODEM protocol. Some sites also provide SSH login to ensure the security of the connection. There are also many sites that provide the web method interface for users to use.

    The BBS industry in Mainland China has also developed SMTH BBS, YTHT BBS, Lily BBS, etc. on the basis of Firebird BBS. Operations, such as 'layout management' and 'personal collections' are still limited to Telnet access. The client's Telnet software has also developed a lot of functions that are convenient for operation, such as mouse response, URL recognition, picture preview, automatic download of articles, custom script, etc.

    The Telnet client program:

    * FTERM: Support SSH and proxy connection. Powerful.
    * STERM: Support SSH and proxy connections, and script function is powerful.
    * cterm: (the original CTERM2000 version was very popular on the mainland) has a large number of shortcut keys, does not support SSH, the latest version is CTERM3000.
    * PCMAN: There are traditional and simplified versions, with small file volume and not known for resources. It is the most common browser after KKMAN. Another PCMANX version can be performed on the non -MS Windows platform.
    * KKMAN: The first comprehensive browser combined with Telnet and HTTP pages, and an ANSI color editor, emoji, shortcut key, anti-idle and other functions. Mouse operation Telnet interface, support SSH1.
    * BBMAN: Telnet browser with cross -platform demands is one of the best Telnet Clients of the non -MS Windows platform at present
    * Alienbbs: Support Apple Computer Mac OS X's Telnet client.
    * In the Unix environment, BBS can be connected through the Telnet program, so most of them are through the main console or terminal machine (Terminal) program to perform the Telnet program connecting BBS and through the terminal through the terminal Machine simulation and control screen. Such terminals include: ITERM, Terminal, XTERM, RXVT, Gnome-Terminal, KDE-Terminal.

    In forum procedures for web -based interviews, the mainland development is mainly Perl -based Lei Ao, ASP -based moving network, language -based Discuz! and PHPWind.

  2. wholesale jewelry san antonio texas BBS is the abbreviation of English Bulletin
    SYSTEM. It originated in the 1980s and was first used to convey the stock market price and other information by
    Kanban ". Its interface is generally based on text, and the main purpose is to provide the majority of netizens with
    space to communicate with each other.
    The BBS currently has two types, one is the ordinary BBS
    setting up BBS platforms, and the other is the Internet r
    BBS set on the Internet.
    CFIDO network is a BBS network all over the country. Anyone only needs one calculation
    calculation machine (286 can
    ) and a Modem
    , and a communication software, then Can participate in
    . At present, almost all major cities across the country have
    cfido sites. You can connect your phone number with communication
    to dial its phone number.
    BBS is the BBS
    mode that is currently the most involved in insects. Because of the rapid development of
    internet, plus CFIDO
    Due to its own line restrictions,
    bbs do not let it start.
    . BBS society
    BBS virtual society, your name represents you (there will be no name here),
    The friends on the friends have a level. High -level means a higher status, larger
    The read and writing posts area permissions and more standing time.
    On how can I get a high level? Each BBS
    has the experience value of its own internal circulation,
    has a lot of experience value that can be earned, as well as equal divisions, the higher the points indicate that you are a high level! N experience value is proportional to the "posting amount". Of course, the post must meet the
    of the section. So everyone should be a good citizen of law. Don't irrigate maliciously.
    BBS, if your post is wonderful because of the content, or it has a lot of help to everyone, if you are fortunate to be rated as a "fine post", you will be included in " "Essence area", for this site
    The stationers read, this is the supreme glory in the BBS society.

  3. handmade copper jewelry wholesale The full English name of BBS is Bulletin
    system, translated into Chinese is "electronic announcement board". BBS was originally used to publish information such as the price of the stock market. At that time, BBS did not even have the function of file transmission, and it could only run on the Apple computer. The early BBS is the same as the announcement board on the streets and campuses, but it is just spread or obtained through a computer. Until the popularity of personal computers, some people tried to transfer the BBS on the Apple Computer to the personal computer, and BBS gradually became popular. In recent years, due to the efforts of enthusiasts, the function of BBS has been greatly expanded.
    At present, you can get the latest international software and information at any time through the BBS system. You can also discuss computer software, hardware, Internet, multimedia, programming, medicine and other interesting topics with others through the BBS system. You can use the BBS system to publish some notes such as "recruiting friends", "cheap transfer" and "company products", and this garden is next to you and me. As long as you have a computer, 1 modem and 1 telephone line, you can enter this "time" field, and then enjoy its extremely powerful power!
    The BBS system was originally to provide a place to communicate with computer enthusiasts. In the late 1970s, the number of computer users was small and the users were far away. Therefore, the BBS system (less than a hundred sites in the world at the time) provided a simple and convenient way to communicate. Users can exchange software and information through
    BBS. To this day, BBS users have expanded to various industries. In addition to the original computer enthusiasts, commercial BBS operators, environmental organizations, religious organizations and other interest groups have also joined this ranks. As long as you browse the BBS system around the world, you will find that it is almost like a local television station, with a lot of tricks.
    The initial BBS system is a message processing system. The only purpose of the system is to provide electronic messages between users. Over time, the function of the BBS system has expanded, adding file sharing function. Therefore, the current BBS users can also exchange various files with each other. Just simply place the file in the BBS system, and other users can download these files extremely conveniently.
    The early BBS system was an ordinary PC with a modem, which runs a BBS program on it. BBS programs have various versions, including simple systems of single lines to complex systems that support more than a dozen or even hundreds of telephone lines. The earliest BBS system put all the packets in one place, but the current BBS software allows operators to organize messages based on the content of the message. For example, PC -based
    BBS software is likely to include a packet part dedicated to DOS, OS/2, and Windows.
    The explanation:
    BBS's other explanation, German automotive component manufacturer. BBS

    Product supply to the world -renowned car manufacturer. At the same time, it also sponsored F1, WRC, FIA
    GT and other famous international car events. Its products are also loved by car modified enthusiasts.

  4. wholesale engraving machine jewelry factories The Bulletin Board System (English abbreviation BBS) by running the service software on the computer allows users to use terminal programs to connect through Internet, execute download data or programs, upload data, read news, exchange messages with other users, etc. Function.

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